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09.01.2023 - Press information
KRONEN at Fruit Logistica 2023
This year, KRONEN GmbH will present a variety of new products and well-established solutions for processing salad leaves, fruit and vegetables at the Fruit Logistica 2023 trade show.

The machine manufacturer will showcase products such as its new HEWA 3800 HELICAL washing machine, which has been optimized in terms of hygiene and rapid cleaning. In addition, the company completed its new networked salad processing line for up to 2,000 kilograms per hour in the fall and will present this new development in a virtual demonstration at the event. Nevertheless, only some of KRONEN’s new products will be announced in the run-up to the trade show – yet another reason why its stand at the event will be well worth a visit.

At this year’s Fruit Logistica, KRONEN will also present live demonstrations of its machines and solutions in full product-processing operation. These will include both new products and well-established machines for processing lettuce, fruit and vegetables. Like before the pandemic, the KRONEN stand will be run by an international team of representatives from all over the globe.

“Although the last Fruit Logistica wasn’t all that long ago, we already have a wide variety of new products ready to be presented: from a complete system to a manual tabletop device,” explains the company’s Managing Partner, Stephan Zillgith. “In addition to the upgraded washing machine and innovative line, a multitude of other new developments are ready and waiting to be discovered: all will be revealed at the event venue on the first day of the trade show! Our stand at Fruit Logistica is therefore definitely well worth a visit.”

Optimized in terms of hygiene and cleaning: a continuous washing machine

The HEWA 3800 HELICAL washing machine is a further development of the GEWA 3800 PLUS. It has been optimized in terms of hygiene and reduced cleaning time. Like the GEWA 3800 PLUS, the machine is used for the continuous pre-washing, washing, disinfection, mixing, treatment and rinsing of lettuce, fruit and vegetables. The HEWA 3800 processes up to 2,500 kilograms per hour.

The machine can be completely dismantled for rapid and thorough cleaning. The design concept also ensures maximum hygiene, for example the fact that the machine has no horizontal surfaces whatsoever, thus allowing the water to discharge optimally. What’s more, all edges are designed to avoid the formation of biofilm. The vibration motors, all pipes, the pump casing, the wash and pump tanks and the covers and switch cabinet are made from AISI 304 stainless steel. 

A fully automated system for weighing, sorting, washing and drying

In 2022, KRONEN GmbH supplied a total of four complete processing lines. The first line was already presented at the last Fruit Logistica, and the fourth system will now be demonstrated ‘virtually’ at this year’s trade show. The fully automatic, networked processing line for salad leaves and leafy vegetables integrates innovative washing and drying technology from KRONEN with a dynamic weighing system from iWEIGH and mechanical and optical sorting solutions from HiTec Food Systems.

All of the components in the processing line are networked. This enables it to ensure constant processing with few interruptions and a low personnel requirement. At the same time, the line guarantees a cost-efficient process, high capacities and maximum production quality. When it comes to hygiene, the innovative system sets new standards. The maximum capacity of the line is 2,000 kilograms per hour.

A manual pineapple chunk cutter for cutting even chunks

The pineapple chunk cutter is a further development of the MASS manual pineapple slicer. The MPC 100 tabletop model uses a cutting insert for six to eight pieces to cut fresh pineapple into bite-sized chunks. The MPC 100 can be used to cut pineapples with a diameter of 85 to 100 mm and a length of up to 200 mm into slices and chunks. For this, the pineapple must first be topped and tailed, peeled and cored.

The manual operation of the robust device is extremely easy: The peeled and cored pineapple cylinder is placed in the device. When the lever is pulled down, the pineapple is cut into even slices that are 15 mm thick. In the next step, the pineapple slices are fed through a cutting insert with the help of a pusher. The result: perfectly cut pineapple chunks that are ideal for use in fruit salads or as pineapple snacks packed in portions. 

Further machines at the KRONEN stand (a selection):

  • GS10-2 and GS 20 belt cutting machines
  • AS6 and AS4 apple peeling and slicing machines
  • MINI, LEAF and FLEX L packaging machines
  • KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine
  • S021 vegetable spiral cutting machine
  • DECONWA Prep decontamination and washing system
  • PDS4L pepper coring and segmenting machine
  • UVC Lock disinfection lock
  • KS100 Plus and KS7 Eco lettuce and vegetable spin-dryers

Visit us at Fruit Logistica: stand B-21 in the new Hall 1.1

Here you can find the invitation to Fruit Logistica 2023.