KWS crate weighing system

Processed products such as cut vegetables and lettuce are automatically filled into crates, for example Euronorm containers, and weighed within seconds.

The crate weighing system KWS from KRONEN makes it possible to fill Euro standard crates in seconds with precisely weighed food products

Your benefits

  • Automatic weighing into a container

  • Automatic infeed and discharge of the container

  • Control for an infeed conveyor to the crate weighing system included as standard

  • Optional possibility to further process the usage data: kg per crate, capacity per hour, crates per hour, etc.

Product groups


Filling within seconds and reliable weighing directly into crates

The KWS crate weighing system is an ideal solution for the automatic weighing of products in Euronorm crates (600 x 400 x X mm). An existing or a supplied filling belt is controlled via the KWS for optimal filling of the crates. 

The standard equipment of the KWS includes the intake of three crates: two empty crates and the crate to be weighed. The crates are automatically guided over the sturdy weighing platform. Weight-accurate filling begins after the crate has been tared. During the filling process, the infeed belt can be controlled at two speeds: first for coarse filling and at the end of the filling process for fine filling at a slower speed. As soon as the specified (programmable) filling weight has been reached, the filled crate is automatically forwarded onto an optionally available roller conveyor with a docking station that is mechanically connected to the KWS. A new empty crate is automatically added and positioned on the weighing platform. 

The robust system is designed especially for use in automated food processing. The KWS can be optimally integrated into the process flow, in particular at the end of a production line.  

A label printer can be installed as a practical optional addition, for example for labels per crate or per pallet (after a certain number of crates). 

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KWS Crate weighing system with automatic feed
Accurate to the gram and within seconds: With the KRONEN KWS crate weighing system, crates are filled precisely weighed, with cut, prepared or whole products (e.g. turnip or beetroot Julienne, pre-cleaned iceberg salad).
KWS crate weighing system: washing and weighing
In seconds and down to the last gramme with the KRONEN crate weighing system crates are precisely filled with cut, prepared or whole products (e.g. turnips, beetroot, iceberg lettuce) accurate to weight.


Crate weighing system KWS from KRONEN – operator-friendly control unit for actuating the infeed belt at two different speeds.

Precise control unit of the infeed belt as standard

During filling, the system enables the infeed belt to be controlled at two speeds: initially for coarse filling and then, at the end of the filling process, fine filling at a slower speed.

KRONEN benefits

A slipping clutch on the drive unit ensures safety

The use of a slipping clutch on the infeed belt ensures a high level of work safety and thus considerably reduces any risk of injury. 

The infeed belt with safe belt equipment is a hygienic and reliable standard component of the crate weighing system KWS from KRONEN.

Hygienic crate transport via belts

A high-quality belt – instead of a chain – is used for transporting the containers on the infeed belt, thus offering a safe and hygienic solution.


The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 1.1 kW
Voltage 400 V N/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Dimensions LxWxH 2663 x 749 x 1600 mm (1836 mm with signal traffic light system)
Weight 240 kg
Infeed/placement height 595 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 595 mm
Belt width 400 mm
Belt speed max. 0.6 m/min
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

Machine illustrations can include special accessories.