Tona S slicer

Ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables into perfect, uniform slices. The compact slicing machine processes up to 1,200 products per hour. The standard integrated base frame is mobile, meaning that the machine can be used flexibly at different locations.

up to 1,200 pieces/hMax. capacity
Slicer TONA-S from KRONEN for cutting fruit and vegetables into precise slices with a processing capacity of up to 1200 products per hour

Your benefits

  • Oriented and uniform slicing
  • The slices are discharged horizontally and compactly with the advantage of removing the cut product as a whole –  perfect for sandwiches, trays, etc.
  • Accessories available for the separation of end pieces 
  • Large product boards
  • Easy operation

Product groups


Precise slicing for fruit and vegetable processing

The Tona S slicer is ideal for precisely cutting fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, kiwis and citrus fruits. Up to 1,200 pieces of fruit or vegetables can be processed per hour.

The strong inclined position of the blades guarantees perfect slice cutting. The knife block can be removed in a few simple steps, e.g. for cleaning.

The Tona S has a mobile base frame and practical hard polyethylene boards for preparing and depositing products.

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The slicer TONA S from KRONEN guarantees precise and gentle slicing thanks to optimum product guidance to the cutting station and a horizontal product outfeed.

Perfect slicing due to optimal product infeed and horizontal product discharge

The fruit and vegetable products to be processed are inserted piece by piece into the product holders (16 in total) on a turntable. The products are continuously fed into the cutting station. The inclined knives ensure precise and gentle cutting into uniform slices. The slices are discharged horizontally and compactly with the advantage of removing the cut product as a whole -  perfect for sandwiches, trays, etc.

The slicer TONA S from KRONEN is safe and simple to operate.

Simple, safe operation - uncomplicated and fast tool change

The Tona S can be operated very easily and ergonomically. All accessories such as a knife block, pusher, turntable, etc. can be removed quickly and without additional tools and can be cleaned separately.

The slicer TONA S from KRONEN is on wheels and can be used in different places.

High degree of mobility due to mobile base frame

The robust Tona S is equipped with a mobile base frame as standard, thus enabling flexible use in different locations.


Cut vegetables and fruit into perfect, even slices with the cutting insert of the slicer TONA S from KRONEN.
Cutting insert for perfect slices

Fruit and vegetable products are cut into uniform slices with the knife insert (knife block and pusher) especially for slicing. Different cutting thicknesses are possible, e.g. 5 mm or 6 mm or upon request.

KRONEN accessories
Separation system for good product and end pieces

The optionally available separation system  enables practical separation of the good slices and the two end pieces.

up to 1,200 pieces/h

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Voltage 230 V N/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Air Working pressure 6 bar
Air consumption 20 m³/h
Cycles per hour 1200
Dimensions LxWxH 1100 x 1230 x 1214 mm
Weight 80 kg
Infeed/placement height 866 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 818 mm
Miscellaneous Diameter of raw product max. 75 mm
Length of raw product max. 75 mm
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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