We strive to always provide our customers with the highest possible and most consistent quality of services and machines. In addition to the function, we also focus on safety and hygiene.
KRONEN quality: Quality We strive to always provide our customers with the highest possible and most consistent quality of services and machines. In addition to the function, the focus is also placed on safety and hygiene.

We set standards with our commitment to quality

At KRONEN, we offer 100 % quality, not only in terms of our durable and tailor-made systems and machines but also with regard to our consulting and planning expertise and our service.

We have excellent knowledge of the industry and your products thanks to more than 45 years of experience and highly qualified employees who put their heart and soul into their work.

Here at KRONEN, we keep our promises. What’s more, we never stop learning. If we make mistakes, we admit to them, correct them as quickly as possible and learn from them. As a result, we constantly improve our work and further optimize our services.

We are driven by our commitment to supporting the production of healthy, fresh foods and to meeting every customer requirement. 

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Quality management certified according to the standard ISO 9001-2015

KRONEN’s quality management system (QMS) is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 is the most common quality management standard in Germany and on a global scale and stipulates requirements that company quality management systems need to fulfill to meet customer requirements and achieve product and service quality.

With this certification, KRONEN yet again focuses on its customer orientation and continuous further development. KRONEN was granted the certificate for its QMS in the areas of development, production and sales of machines for the food industry. Within the scope of the QMS, business processes are identified, documented and evaluated in terms of whether they fulfill the quality objectives and are suitable for the customer requirements.

This procedure is a continuous process that is actively pursued in our day-to-day work at KRONEN – when our employees examine processes during implementation, conduct internal audits and use regular external audits to monitor the fulfillment of the QMS requirements. As a result, we ensure transparent processes, secure our ability to adapt to markets and customer requirements, and support the optimization of our business procedures.

Although we have been awarded a quality certificate, our most important quality criterion continues to be the satisfaction of our customers.

A comprehensive hygiene concept for food technology

When it comes to processing foods, optimal hygiene is a prerequisite. This also, of course, applies to our food machines used in processing activities.

At KRONEN, we are committed to providing solutions that enable the hygienic, safe, sustainable and efficient processing of fresh foods.

Ever since KRONEN was founded, we have constantly developed our hygiene guidelines and continuously adapted our machines and processing lines according to the findings of the latest technical developments and current research in terms of hygienic design.

Solutions that are efficient, safe and hygienic

Time plays a central role in the production activities of food processors. The rapid yet thorough hygienization and cleaning of machines and systems are extremely beneficial to our customers. 

They not only enable them to save time but also help them to reduce the amount of water, chemicals and energy required for cleaning. Together with hygienic, safe food production, these benefits offer our customers an extremely distinct competitive advantage.

We place high value on constant development and progress. Our close contact with the industry, the world of research, and groups of experts such as EHEDG help us to, gain new insights in the areas of technology and hygienic design and to implement this knowledge in our development activities.

Saving resources and increasing safety and productivity play an essential role for both our sustainable, holistic approach and our hygiene concept.

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