CRC200 Chicory Root Cutter

CRC200 Chicory Root Cutter

Efficient, safe and ergonomic processing of chicory

The CRC200 Chicory Root Cutter was specially developed for the automated processing of chicory. This machine´s unique design adapted to the shape and size of the chicory ensures an efficient and clean removal of the root, meaning that in just one processing step the product is separated from the root and the chicory is packaged directly. The CRC200 is capable of processing up to 80 chicory per minute and ensures a top quality cut.

How it works:
The chicory is placed manually onto the holders of the specially designed infeed belt which accurately transports the product to the next stage: the cutting process. Here the separated root drops directly into the waste chute and the cut product is conveyed on to the discharge belt.
The speed of the product infeed is adjustable and can be adapted to different product requirements. The cutting machine processes chicory with a maximum length of 200 mm (not including the root).

Advantages of the CRC200:

  • High processing capacity:The CRC200 processes up to 4,800 chicory per hour in just one processing step.
  • Top quality cut:The holders on the specially designed infeed belt ensure that the securely positioned chicory can be transported to the knife therefore guaranteeing a clean cut.
  • Ergonomics und occupational safety: The cutting machine has been designed with attention to safety and ergonomic operation. The CRC200 can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly since the machine´s interior is accessible via a large hood.
  • Optional cleaning nozzles: The CRC200 can be equipped with nozzles to enable automatic cleaning of the discharge belt, the infeed belt and the knife. These nozzles spray the inside of the machine during the production process.