KWS Crate weighing system

KWS Crate weighing system

Compelling mix of speed and precision - accurate to the gram and within seconds!

With the KWS crate weighing system, crates are filled precisely weighed with cut, prepared or whole products (e.g. turnip or beetroot Julienne, pre-cleaned iceberg salad).

The crates are automatically fed to the weighing unit via an open, secure system. Filling via a belt automatically controlled by the system starts as soon as an empty crate is in position.
The KWS crate weighing system is operated by a touchscreen. Via this interface different programs with product name, target weight and two different filling speeds can be entered.

The weighing system is automatically tared and can be calibrated using a comparison weight.
The total weight of the production batch and the weights of the individual crates can be viewed as standard.

An adaptation of the functions, e.g. for printing a label in conjunction with an external printer, is possible on request at any time.
The KWS crate weighing system provides optimum access for cleaning and service with the best possible safety.