Cutting machine TONA S180K


for precise cutting of fruit and vegetables like apples, tomatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes, kiwi fruits, pears, mushrooms, citrus fruits etc in segments, slices, sticks and figurines

The Tona S180K is a smart combination of the proven machines Tona E (wegder) & Tona S (slicer)
Cutting capacity: up to 1.200 pieces per hour (20 pieces per minute)


  • Perfect cutting result - simple and fast change of tools
    The Tona S180K is equipped with the proven blue centering fingers (on 16 standard product holders), fruit and vegetables are always gently fixed in the centre of the holder. With different inserts (see accessories) corresponding cutting results are achieved.
  • Optimal feed
    Optimal feed
    With the Tona S180K it is possible to process product to a maximum diameter of 85 mm at a capacity of 20 pieces per minute (1200pcs/h).
    Simply insert fruits and vegetables, the turntable automatically guides the product beneath the pusher. Only 1 tool insert,1 pusher and a support plate are required for processing.

    Another advantage is that the same tool inserts as used by Tona Rapid and PGW can be used as well on the Tona S180K.

  • Simple operation
    The clearly arranged push buttons on the machine switchboard are fast and simple to use. The cutting / wedging attachments are quick and easy to remove.
  • High mobility due to mobile version

    The Tona S180K is equipped with a mobile frame (with hight adjustable castors) as standard.

  • Food safe components
    Food safe components
    All components that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA-compliant plastics.