Tona Rapid 3D cutting machine

In addition to the cutting, coring and dividing process of the Tona Rapid, the Tona Rapid 3D also enables horizontal cutting with one to three knives.

4,500 pieces/hMax. capacity
The TONA Rapid 3D can core vegetables and fruit as well as cut them into slices, segments or sticks vertically and horizontally using up to three knives.

Your benefits

  • Two cutting directions in one operation
  • Top cutting and dividing quality
  • Versatile use for a wide range of products
  • Optimal alignment of the products during the cutting process 
  • Efficient processing of large quantities
  • A large selection of cutting and dividing tools

Product groups


Horizontal and vertical cutting with optimal cutting quality thanks to product alignment

Products with a maximum diameter of 70 mm and a maximum height of 140 mm can be processed by the Tona Rapid 3D. The products can be cut both horizontally and vertically in one operation, for example to produce halved segments. 
The cutting machine is particularly suitable for fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, oranges, limes, cucumbers or radishes, which must remain in a specific alignment during the cutting process for an optimal cutting result. 

The products are manually placed into the double-row product holders and remain in this alignment as they are transported through to the cutting process. The automatic cutting process takes place pneumatically, after which the good product and waste are separated during discharge from the machine. 

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Apple wedges and tomato segments e.g. eighths, which have been cut with the TONA Rapid.

Perfect cutting results thanks to alignment into product holders

The product holders keep the inserted products in the desired position until the cutting process so that they can be cored or cut into the desired shape. This makes the cutting machine particularly suitable for processing products for which alignment is essential for a good cutting result. 

KRONEN benefits

Large selection of cutting inserts and easy tool change

Due to the variety of cutting and dividing inserts available, the cutting machine enables versatile use for processing different products. It is easy to quickly switch from one cutting type to another simply by changing the cutting inserts and pushers. Each insert is comprised of a knife insert and a pusher.

KRONEN benefits

Simple and user-friendly operation

The clearly arranged control panel and the quick change of the cutting inserts ensure easy operation of the cutting machine. 


KRONEN accessories
Cutting inserts for many different cutting shapes

A wide range of cutting and dividing inserts is available: for cutting segments and chunks, inserts for segmenting products into 2 to 24 pieces with and without a corer, grid cutters for sticks and many special inserts available on request.

KRONEN accessories
Discharge belt for the separate discharge of good product and waste

After the cutting process, the good product and the waste fall separately onto the optionally available discharge belt and are transported out of the cutting machine.

KRONEN accessories
Mobile version

The cutter can be equipped with casters so that it can be flexibly used in production or moved for cleaning. 

KRONEN accessories
Product holders for greater product heights

Product holders with double the height adapted to longer or taller products are available. For particularly tall products, the cutting machine can also be supplied as a special model. We will be happy to advise you on this – feel free to contact us!

3,600 - 4,500 pieces/h

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 0.55 kW
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Air Working pressure 6 bar
Air consumption 72,000 NL/h
Dimensions LxWxH 2000 x 940 x 1,700 mm
Weight 460 kg
Infeed/placement height 900 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 700 mm
Miscellaneous Diameter of raw product max. 70 mm
Height of raw product max. 140 mm
Cycles per hour max. 1800
Cutting thickness min. 5.2 mm (1 mm steps)
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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