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KRONEN calendar

December 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Tomahawk Steak of the Iberian Pig with Sweet Potato Chips and Salad Bouquet

2020_Kalender_Dezember | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 10 tomahawk steaks
  • 1 kg sweet potatoes,
  • 0.5 kg mixed salad
  • 0.2 kg cherry tomatoes
  • Oil
  • Vinaigrette
  • Spices


  • prepare the sweet potatoes, cut in thin slices, fry and season
  • grill and season tomahawk steak
  • wash and prepare salad
  • marinate salad with vinaigrette, serve with tomahawk steak and chips

The vegetable cutter KSM efficiently cuts thin slices of sweet potatoes.

November 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Antipasti „à la Kronen“

2020_Kalender_November | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 10 baby carrots
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 eggplant
  • 5 king oyster mushrooms
  • 2 peppers each (red, orange)
  • herbs-and-garlic oil
  • spices


  • prepare the vegetables, cut in desired forms,
  • grill or roast the vegetables
  • marinate the vegetables with the herbs-and-garlic oil, serve

The GS 20 belt cutting machine with the knife for the square leaf cut cuts the vegetables into segments.

October 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Vegetable-Rice Risotto with Herb Oil

Calendar Recipe October | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 1 kg palm hearts
  • 2 cauliflowers
  • 3 broccolis
  • 2 onions
  • vegetable stock
  • 0.2 kg parmesan
  • herb oil
  • white wine
  • spices


  • wash the vegetables and make vegetable rice out of them
  • peel and dice the onions
  • sauté onions and vegetables in herb oil, slowly deglaze with white wine and vegetable stock
  • when the vegetables have the desired consistency, fold in parmesan, season and serve

The KUJ V cube, strip and slice cutting machine efficiently cuts e.g. Broccoli and cauliflower stems or carrots into vegetable rice.

September 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Jicama Tortilla

2020_Kalender_September | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 3 kg Jicama
  • 20 eggs
  • 1 l cream
  • 0.5 kg purple carrots
  • 5 tomatoes
  • herbs
  • 5 shallots
  • spices


  • peel jicama and shallots, wash the tomatoes
  • cut tomatoes, jicama and shallots in thin slices, layer in a casserole
  • blend the eggs with cream, flavor and pour into the casserole
  • cook at 160° for about 35 minutes
  • peel the purple carrots, stamp, blanch and season
  • finely chop the herbs
  • garnish tortilla with the purple carrots and herbs

The Jicama is peeled with the PL 40K potato peeling machine and cut into fine slices with the HGW manual grid cutter.

August 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin with Red Onions and Chanterelles

2020_Kalender_August | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 2.5 kg pumpkin
  • 5 red onions
  • 1.5 kg chanterelles
  • Rosemary
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Spices


  • cut the pumpkin in half, peel and dice
  • peel the onions and garlic, roughly dice them, then fry in a pan together with the pumpkin
  • wash the chanterelles
  • shortly sauté the chanterelles in a hot pan and add them to the pumpkin
  • season, garnish with rosemary and serve

The GEWA 3800V PLUS washing machine gently removes dirt from the chanterelles.

July 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: KRONEN´s Barbecue Ideas

2020_Kalender_Juli | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • different fruits and vegetables, 3 kg each (e.g. zucchini, eggplant, sweet pepper, pineapple, melon)
  • 2 baguettes
  • herbs
  • 1.5 kg sour cream
  • lemon grass
  • spices


  • prepare the fruits and vegetables, cut in desired forms
  • put the fruits and vegetables on „lemon grass skewers“
  • season and grill the skewers
  • slice and grill the baguettes
  • finely chop the herbs, mix with sour cream and season

The TONA S180K cutting machine cuts fruit and vegetables efficiently into segments.

June 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Marinated Dragon Fruit with Salmon and Mango Chutney

2020_Kalender_Juni | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 5 dragon fruits
  • 1 kg salmon fillet
  • 0.1 l passion fruit juice
  • Spices
  • 4 ripe mangos
  • 1 shallot
  • 30 g ginger
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 250 g brown sugar
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lime
  • 200 ml apple vinegar
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 tablespoon of mustard seeds
  • 100 g raisins


  • wash the pepper, core it and chop it
  • peel and chop garlic and ginger
  • peel the shallot and cut in small cubes
  • cut the mangos in half, peel and dice
  • cut orange and lime in half, press out the juice
  • mix the prepared ingredients in a large pot, let simmer for at least two hours, while stirring approximately every 15 minutes, then let it cool down
  • peel the dragon fruit and cut in slices
  • marinate the dragon fruit with passion fruit juice and mango chutney
  • flavor the salmon fillet, sauté and leave to simmer briefly
  • serve

Mangos are peeled within seconds using the FP20 mango peeling machine. PGW pneumatical grid cutter

May 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: „KRONEN‘s“ Children Bowl Idea

Kalender_Mai | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 0.5 kg rice
  • 0.3 kg colored quinoa
  • Vegetable stock
  • 2 kg different vegetables
  • 0.2 kg mixed berries
  • Spices


  • Prepare, stamp and blanch the vegetables
  • Boil and season the rice/quinoa
  • Fill the bowl, garnish with stamped vegetables and berries

The different stamped out figures are created using the PGW pneumatical grid cutter

APRIL 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Wraps with Pulled Jackfruit BBQ Style

2020_Kalender_April | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 1 kg Jackfruit (peeled)
  • 0.5 l sour cream
  • 0.25 l BBQ Sauce
  • 10 tortilla wraps
  • 1 Chinese cabbage
  • 0.3 kg baby leaf
  • spices


  • Prepare the jackfruit and pull them
  • Grill and marinate the jackfruit with BBQ sauce
  • Flavor the sour cream
  • Cut, sauté and flavor the Chinese cabbage
  • Wash the baby leaf
  • Coat the wraps with sour cream, add baby leaf, Chinese cabbage, jackfruit and roll them
  • Slice and serve

The pulled jackfruit is easily prepared with the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine with the tearing knife.

MARCH 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Sweet Avocado Mousse with Candied Oranges and Apple Sticks

2020_Kalender_Maerz | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 7 avocados
  • 0.4 l cream
  • Vanilla
  • Sugar
  • 7 gelatin leaves
  • 0.05 kg oranges
  • 0.05 kg apples
  • 0.15 kg mixed berries


  • peel and core the avocados
  • cut the avocados in cubes, mix in a blender
  • flavor the puree with sugar and vanilla
  • soak and dissolve the gelatin, add to the avocado mixture
  • whip the cream, carefully fold it in the mixture and fill it in small bowls
  • peel the oranges and apples
  • cut thin strips out of the orange zest and cut the apples into small sticks
  • candy the orange strips and dry the apple sticks
  • garnish the mousse with candied oranges, apple sticks and berries

Large amounts of avocado can be processed gently and efficiently with the Convenience Avocado Line.

FEBRUARY 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Pumpkin and Vegetable Lasagna

2020_Kalender_Februar | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 3 kg butternut pumpkin
  • 5 shallots
  • 2 chili peppers
  • thyme
  • 0.25 kg butter
  • flour
  • milk
  • vegetable stock
  • 0.25 kg mozzarella (grated)
  • 0.1 kg parmesan
  • 0.15 kg pumpkin seeds
  • ½ toast
  • spices


  • peel the butternut pumpkin, then cut in half and in thin slices
  • sauté the shallots and thyme in butter. Add flour, pour milk and vegetable stock, stir until smooth, let simmer for 3 minutes, flavor with spices
  • layer the pumpkin slices and shallot rings with sauce in a casserole, sprinkle with mozzarella and parmesan, then bake in the oven –fan setting at 180°C- for about 45 minutes
  • garnish with croutons and pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin is perfectly peeled with the AMS 220 pineapple and melon peeling machine.

JANUARY 2020 - KRONEN Calendar Recipe: Palm Heart Linguine with Mixed-Herb Gremolata and Shrimps

Kalenderbild Januar 2020 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


Ingredients for 10 servings

  • 1,5 kg palm hearts
  • 2 shallots
  • 1 chili pepper
  • garlic
  • 10 shrimps
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 bunch of dill
  • 1 bunch of chive
  • 1 lemon
  • oil
  • spices


  • Finely chop the parsley, dill, chive and lemon zest, mix with oil and salt
  • Cut the palm hearts in thick spiral noodles and blanch them
  • Shortly fry the shrimps, shallots, chili peppers and garlic
  • shortly sauté the palm hearts in a pan with the gremolata, put on a plate, place the shrimps above them, serve

The linguine are cut perfectly with the KRONEN SPIRELLO 150 vegetable spiral cutting machine.

DECEMBER PORTRAIT - We introduce: Chiu Kit Lam

Kalender_2018_12a | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

In December we now present the last calendar portrait and say great thanks to all the employees we portrayed and to all readers of our monthly calendar section!

We introduce: Chiu Kit Lam, Application Engineer for the Development of Image Processing and Robotics

KRONEN considers itself a generator of ideas and a think tank delivering innovative, tailor-made solutions in the interest and for the benefit of our customers. According to this, innovation and research are integral parts of the company’s structure. Since two years Chiu Kit Lam has been contributing crucially to reinforcing this area of competence at KRONEN:

Who is Chiu Kit Lam?

Chiu Kit Lam is from Hong-Kong originally. This is where he started his studies, too, but then he moved to Germany, namely Mannheim, where he graduated as an Engineer in “Automation Technology” in 2014. His passions are inventing, puzzling over things and developing new ideas and new solutions one after the other.

In the beginning he worked for automation companies in the region – but he missed the power and the will for innovation with the previous employers. Because he has both, absolutely. That was the reason why he started looking for a job environment where he could realize his need to do new things: and he came across KRONEN.

When he started in the company in 2016, the position was newly created just for him – at a point of time when KRONEN began to deal with the topics of robotics and image processing. Chiu Kit Lam was the perfect match and thus, the unsolicited applicant became part of the KRONEN team back then.

What is Chiu Kit Lam's job?

Chiu Kit Lam builds prototypes. He can create them within shortest times and a minimum of efforts, thanks to a modular assembly system consisting of steel, plastics and 3D model parts. This opens up unique opportunities when it comes to trying ideas and pure experimenting. And this is necessary to be truly innovative. From the test models Chiu Kit Lam can extract many new insights together with the colleagues from the construction team and the team for projects and development. These insights have direct influence on development projects. Also, very often these prototypes are the first step done after a customer directed a special request for a new solution to KRONEN.

Beyond, Chiu Kit Lam is the KRONEN expert for robotics and image processing. Automation and its inherent benefits for flexibility, efficiency and hygiene in production are important topics for the customers. Such solutions are covered by Chiu Kit Lam, who takes care that the right technology is used and who writes the programs for it. One example for the application of this kind of technology is loading products into the machines automatically. And besides handling, vision is a crucial aspect for automatization. Image processing offers new chances here. There are still many new things for Chiu Kit Lam to develop!

This is what Chiu Kit Lam says about his work with KRONEN:

“I am happy that here I have the free space to live out my creativity and realize ideas. KRONEN is very international and open to new ways of thinking. It‘s fun for me to work on innovations together with colleagues.

What motivates me is to see the progress in building our developments. Eventually, I am testing something new each day. Furthermore, it is especially exciting to work with natural products: fruit, vegetable, food – these are everyday products making my work concrete and tangible.”

NOVEMBER PORTRAIT - We introduce: Christian Sälinger

Kalender_2018_11a | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Christian Sälinger, Specialist in Quality Management

Quality is one of the key aspects in the KRONEN company philosophy. You can rely on KRONEN – that is the credo the KRONEN team works for day-to-day. Thus, it is not a surprise that quality assurance plays an important role at KRONEN. Since 13 years Christian Sälinger has been responsible for this field and he eyes not only the quality assurance for KRONEN machinery:

Who is Christian Sälinger?

Christian Sälinger is a craftsman originally: He is a mechatronics engineer for shutters and sun protection. When he joined KRONEN in 2005, his job profile changed a lot. But this was also part of his motivation: He wanted something new – and it was the right step to do, he is still convinced of today. In the beginning he was working in the logistics department as well as for the quality assurance. Both activities had little to do with his former job profession – however, his understanding of diverse materials and his ability to work in a hands-on way have always been useful.

Over the years KRONEN has been growing and with it, the quality management has become more and more significant. Thus, the tasks of Christian Sälinger shifted as well. At any point – he cannot even tell when exactly, as it was a seamless process – he was in charge of the quality management at 100 per cent. And this was just a logical step, because he had completed several advanced trainings in the meantime qualifying him for this kind of work in an optimum way. Eventually, in 2018, he completed his exam to become a certified Specialist in Quality Management at the German Association for Quality (DGQ).

What is Christian Sälinger's job?

Christian Sälinger provides working materials for controlling KRONEN machines. Mainly these are checklists used by the logistics and production department for testing each machine before it is released for shipment. When it comes to stock-receipt or special items he even does the inspection by himself, especially for more complex issues. He is testing for quantitative and qualitative criterions: For example measured values such as the diameter of an arbor must be accurate to the micrometer, and he also controls the correct use of material.

But there is more: Christian Sälinger gets diverse quality topics from all departments of the company. Each of this internal and external messages is recorded in SAP. Christian Sälinger acts as a coordinator, decides about the next steps and controls the analysis of causes as well as the implementation. He co-initiated the notification processing, it has been established in collaboration with all departments and is fully systematized by now. Christian Sälinger’s job is to take care that all the topics get solved, which amounts around 80 to 90 per cent of his working time. But he is also ambitious in guaranteeing top quality of the supplied parts and an end-to-end delivery documentation and transparence. It is a wide field Christian Sälinger is working on, there is no stagnation.

This is what Christian Sälinger says about his work with KRONEN:

„In the 13 years that I have been working for KRONEN, there have been many changes that I would not have wanted to miss, and that have created a strong bond. I find the possibility of having an influence in many areas quite positive. That motivates me. I like the fact that more or less each notification which I work on activates a transformation in one way or another.”

OCTOBER PORTRAIT - We introduce: Gunter Herbert

2017_12_Azubi_019_v2 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Gunter Herbert, Head of Customer Service

KRONEN puts lots of efforts in delivering 100% KRONEN quality. However, it is precisely because of the long lifetime that the machines need to be equipped with service parts or additional features over the years. Thus, maintenance and servicing are important topics even for such a quality brand. And that is why the customer service is a central department at KRONEN’s, in order that customers can turn to an after-sales contact if there is anything needed. 28 years ago, Gunter Herbert joined for launching the KRONEN Customer Service:

Who is Gunter Herbert?

Quite soon after his professional education as a wholesale and export trade specialist Gunter Herbert started at KRONEN. The position he applied for had already been taken, but this did not stop KRONEN from employing him anyway, creating a new position for Gunter Herbert. Actually, this was the founding of the KRONEN Customer Service! Back then, in the six-man company KRONEN, his task fields were mainly the technical support of customers as well as KRONEN’s spare parts service.

But in 1994 Gunter Herbert passed an advanced training as a trading business administrator and with this he became a certified apprentice instructor, too. Thus, since then he has not just been the Head of Customer Service, but also the responsible person for the apprenticeship of the commercial professions at KRONEN.

What is Gunter Herbert's job?

Being the Head of Customer Service Gunter Herbert takes care of the customers’ after-sales requests and orders. Together with his team he is the contact for the spare parts service day-by-day. No matter if e.g. additional knifes or any of the diverse small parts are required – by monitoring the inventory he contributes to the fact that each part is to be available as quickly as possible.
Also, the technical and specialized consulting is part of the business. If a customer needs support for operation or any problem, the customer service will help by phone in the first step. For more complex topics the specialty departments are called in. Hence, being connected with all departments and having optimum interfaces and processes is very essential for Gunter Herbert. His target is to guarantee a service degree as high as possible and to support the customers quickest possible.

In some cases it becomes necessary that KRONEN supports on-site. Then, Gunter Herbert makes use of the nation-wide network of service partners, or a KRONEN employee is sent to the customer’s plant. And in other situations customers request a training for their production employees. This is also done by the customer service: customers’ technicians are educated for optimum maintenance of the machines at KRONEN’s or on-site. The customer service is not just answering the questions of German companies, but also of the KRONEN representatives in the respective countries. By this means, KRONEN customers around the world are taken care of in the best possible way.

This is what Gunter Herbert says about his work with KRONEN:

„Over the past 28 years it has never been boring in the KRONEN facilities. Every day there are new challenges to overcome and new things to learn. The almost family-like environment of employees, customers and partners allows a lot of creative freedom.

The topics we take care of every day are very multifarious – from handling and cleaning to customer needs which are very individual and diverse. KRONEN being a growth-oriented company makes my work also lively. To re-invent oneself in a way and to be an active part in the developing process, this is what I think is really interesting.”

SEPTEMBER PORTRAIT - We introduce: Frank Wickersheim

2017_09_Server_IT_003 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Frank Wickersheim, Head of IT

Just as in every company the IT structures have changed a lot at KRONEN over the last decades. Eventually, hardly any other realm is as fast-moving as the digital one and hardly any other realm has changed the way of working as quickly and widely. No wonder that much has happened within 40 years of KRONEN. For almost two decades Frank Wickersheim has supported the KRONEN IT now – and you can say that he continues developing together with it:

Who is Frank Wickersheim?

Frank Wickersheim is a butcher originally. At least he was one: Since he was 13 he had worked in the butchery as a sideline, and after his high-school diploma he finished his apprenticeship there, too. He also liked the job. But it is a tough craft starting every day at 2.30 am in the night. Besides, there was his strong preference for all logical processes, numbers and explainable facts. For these things he has had a penchant since school already. His thinking habits fit perfectly with the “0-1“ logic of digital technology, he says.

Thus, it was kind of obvious that he applied for the apprenticeship to become an information technology officer at KRONEN, when he heard about it. Exactly 18 years ago, on 1 September he started his career at KRONEN and since that his way from a trainee to the head of IT department has been unprecedented. Since 2004 he is in charge, instructs the IT team and nowadays the trainees, too. Actually, if you ask him KRONEN is too far away from his hometown, it is a drive of over 45 minutes. But this he puts up with. He is passionate about being an IT professional and he has got to know and built up a lot here – and there is still enough to do for him.

What is Frank Wickersheim's job?

When Frank Wickersheim started at KRONEN, this was still at the old head office in Eckartsweier. Production and administration buildings were physically divided and technologically linked by a 2 Mbit line. Back then three servers were located at two different places. When KRONEN finally moved to the new site in Kehl, he planned and supported the implementation of the completely new IT infrastructure. To the last detail Frank Wickersheim defined which cable and which connection shall be lead to where. Telephone, internet, server room – everything needed to be build up. Today, there is a 1000 Mbit network, data is stored at 50 virtual servers, in 2016 an extra fast internet line was laid and in 2017 one integrated Wi-Fi net was established for the entire company.

And the tasks of the IT department grow due to the continuing digitalization and together with the infrastructure. Furthermore, new topics are coming up: KRONEN works on Internet of Things solutions. Now, also the KRONEN machines themselves are to be made “smart”. Therefore, hybrid systems are to be introduced, which allow data to be stored in external “clouds” instead of being stored locally. Cloud applications, analysis of big amounts of data – so-called “big data” – and IT safety are side topics. So, it has never been boring - and it won’t become boring for sure. But this is exactly what Frank Wickersheim likes.

This is what Frank Wickershein says about his work with KRONEN:

„My work with KRONEN is very various and hardly predictable, and that’s good. Furthermore I am quite free in finding and implementing solutions for any problems coming up. This is what I really enjoy!

The company is not just a family business, but it is also very family-friendly. “Work-life” balance, flextime, long weekends – all these words weren’t part of my vocabulary during my work as a butcher. Since 2016 I have been part of the "Executive team" of KRONEN and I appreciate that things can be discussed in an argumentative manner and that the opinion of each of us is respected and heard.”

PS: Why finding another employee at the September calendar sheet of your printed KRONEN calendar? Quite simply because this employee does not want to be in online media, of course we respect this wish and are happy to introduce Frank Wickersheim.

AUGUST PORTRAIT - We introduce: Uwe Monschein

Kalender_2018_08a_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik
inc/resizeImage.php?sImage=import/img/2017_06_Flexen_009 2_44612.jpg&w=220&h=2200


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Uwe Monschein, Construction Mechanic

KRONEN produces a big deal of the delivered machines and processing line for the Fresh-cut, catering, gourmet and food industry at its own production, on the 5000 sqm plant in Kehl at the Rhine.

In the production machines are built in series production and in special construction, depending on if it is a standard model or an individual fabrication. After the pre-fabrication and before the machines can be installed finally, the sheet metal construction comes in:

Who is Uwe Monschein?

For 22 years Uwe Monschein has been with the company already. He knows KRONEN from times when it was still a 30 person business focused on merchandising machines. And he experienced the change of KRONEN becoming a production oriented medium-sized company at first hand. Many things have changed, but he is still here.

After his professional education for plant mechanics at a boiler making and container construction company and his job for another production enterprise from the region, he heard about the position at KRONEN in 1996 - and since that date he is a construction mechanic in the sheet metal construction. In the beginning he worked for the special construction team, in the meantime he is responsible for welding the series machine models.

What is Uwe Monschein's job?

Uwe Monschein raises a machine from all the single parts it consists of. It grows to what it shall become in the end. It takes more than a week to grow one entire casing. But also welding all the numerous small components needs several days.

During the so-called TIG welding process an electrical arc is created between the work piece and the tungsten electrode. The welding rod is held into this arc and is melt by this, just as the workpiece material. By this means an especially fine and clean welding line will is formed, without any flying sparks.

However, protective clothes are essential of course: helmet, hand gloves and jacket – because light’s intensity is blazing. Uwe Monschein works on belt cutting machine GS 10-2 mainly: it is one of the best-seller standard machines by KRONEN, proven a thousand fold and optimized for salad, vegetable, fruit and herbs, but also meat, fish, sausage and other products can be cut accurately and in many variations.

This is what Uwe Monschein says about his work with KRONEN:

“I am proud of my 22 years of employment with KRONEN, and that in this time I was enabled to learn so much. In all these years I built many, many machines, and even today this still gives me great satisfaction. This is also due, not least, to great colleagues.“

JULY PORTRAIT - We introduce: Stephan Münch

Kalender_2018_07a | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Stephan Münch, Glass Bead Blaster

Since about ten years the machines are treated at KRONEN in-house, in the own glass bead blaster plant after pre-fabrication. Why is this important? Because the machines get the requested look. And the material becomes more resistant and guaranteed rustproof by this treatment.

Who is Stephan Münch?

Stephan Münch is responsible for glass bead blasting at KRONEN. He is a real professional working in this field since 25 years already. In between times he was as a team leader in the PET recycling industry, but this he finished after five years. It was his conscious decision: he wanted to have a more family-friendly job again, which he still likes doing until today.
In former times, Stephan Münch had already treated KRONEN Machines, back then at the production site of a KRONEN supplier, as KRONEN had not had an own glass bead blaster plant back then. In 2016 he started at KRONEN and he is one of two glass bead blasters since. The KRONEN machines cannot be imagined without them, because they would look quite differently…

What is Stephan Münch's job?

Every machine goes through the glass bead blaster plant after welding. The plant is located separately at the KRONEN areal, the entire room is covered with white glass bead dust. The fine, globular glass particles are blasted on the machine by compressed air. The surface is polished and any welding marks and discolorations are removed by this. Only after this process the machines look like as they have to: absolutely perfect, without any disturbing stripes or other marks.

This perfection is no small matter, it requests years-long experience. You stand in the plant with a helmet, protective clothes and with the compressed air hose on the shoulder – and this is on each outdoor temperature. The entire room is full of dust, you work completely blind. Stephan Münch has to know exactly at which part of the machine he stands and with which distance, speed, position and direction he has to lead the blaster. Several machines he can finish at one day for final assembly. No doubt, it is not an easy job requiring sure instinct and even more experience.

This is what Stephan Münch says about his work with KRONEN:

“I think it‘s great working together on machines that are used all over the world, and that I can give my best in this regard. And so is the interaction with my colleagues, many of whom have now become friends.

Glass bead blasting is demanding, but I still like doing it. I enjoy going to work. KRONEN does a lot for its employees, such as the new build of the cafeteria recently. But what I like best: supervisors and colleagues are real great!”

JUNE PORTRAIT - We introduce: Kai Rohrer

2017_10_Elektronik_012 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Kai Rohrer, Electrical Engineer

The machines and processing linese constructed and produced by KRONEN are equipped with electrics. In this context networking and IT becomes more and more important, too. These topics – electrics and IT at machines – Kai Rohrer takes care of at KRONEN since 2015:

Who is Kai Rohrer?

Electricity has fascinated him since ever, so it was obvious very quickly that Kai Rohrer wanted to do a professional education to become an Electrician for mechanical and drive technology in the industrial sector.
However, with his postgraduate training for Electronics, focus on data technology, which he did afterwards, he wanted to go beyond: deepen his knowledge in electrics, automatization and data technology, and thus qualifying for working as an IT relevant Electrical Engineer, instead of continuing the repair and assembling job. And this was just the right time for KRONEN:

What is Kai Rohrer's job?

Because just at that time KRONEN had a vacant position with the responsibility for developing electrical circuits and programming machines software. Kai Rohrer startet at KRONEN shortly before his last examination and was sent to Berlin more or less immediately: to commission a Vortex line for germ reduction – for which he had also created the software – at the customer’s production site.

Since then he has been on board and in duty for all those things involving electrics and IT. He works closely together with his colleagues, because he comes in when molding, mechanics and engines are defined. Switches, wires, sensors and software – all this needs to be integrated and fine-tuned with the rest of the machine. During developing phase he creates the electrical circuit layout, during building phase he writes the machine’s program, and finally the prototype needs to be tested.

This is what Kai Rohrer says about his work with KRONEN:

“I am proud of the K650 centrifuge system: One of the more complex systems; I was privileged to contribute a lot to its development. It has a number of features, which on first glance our customers may not notice, but yet they contribute to the success of the system.
The first processing line for salads and vegetables it was integrated in is fully networked and automatized and one of my latest projects.

I like the variety, every KRONEN machine is individual. It is fun to do new things, being creative and working on a solution and concept – especially in such a super team!”

MAY PORTRAIT - We introduce: Sennur Hepting

2017_11_Konstruktion_Schnittergebnisse_015 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Sennur Hepting, Technical Drawer

At KRONEN machines and lines for processing fruit, vegetable and salad are not just produced, but also designed and constructed. Since 18 years, would you believe it, Sennur Septing is working with the construction team at KRONEN:

Who is Sennur Hepting?

Sennur Hepting is a Technical Drawer at KRONEN. When she started her professional education back in 1993 at a company for industry furnaces, she was still drawing with pencil and ink on parchment paper. Perspectives, scales, corrections, all this needed to be realized by hand.
She also still knows the former KRONEN grounds in Eckartsweier and moved with the company to the present grounds in Kehl at the Rhine in 2004. Meanwhile she has raised a family, has become mother of two children and returned to the construction team after a break in 2013.

What is Sennur Hepting’s job?

Sennur Hepting draws layouts, in order that customers can picture what the machines will look like exactly and how they will be set-up later.

Through the years Sennur Heptings’s job has changed at lot: from handcraft to 2D at the computer, and today layouts are created in 3D. You build a model and pull it on the drawing, then a software calculates perspectives and side views. The engineer constructs and shapes the lines and machines and Sennur Hepting details the drawings and creates stock lists.

On the one hand she is glad that she has gotten to know the paper and pencil times. On the other hand implementing at the computer requires much less efforts. Mistakes had to be erased with razor blades in former times – this is done much easier today, it is just at the click of a mouse.

This is what Sennur Hepting says about her work with KRONEN:

„Over the 18 years of my work at KRONEN many things have been changing. I am proud contributing to such a future-oriented, employee-friendly company.

When I started at KRONEN we were four people in the construction team. Today, we are more than twice as many! I still like working here and I appreciate that KRONEN facilitates me in reconciling my family and job."

PS: Why finding another employee at the May calendar sheet of your printed KRONEN calendar? Quite simply because this employee does not want to be in online media, of course we respect this wish and are happy to introduce Sennur Hepting.

APRIL PORTRAIT - We introduce: Manuel Walter

Kalender_2018_04a | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Manuel Walter, Head of Pre-Fabrication

When KRONEN was founded 40 years ago, the company focused on merchandising equipment, mainly for commercial kitchens. Since the industrial part of KRONEN was taken over by Rudolf Hans Zillgith in 1998, KRONEN has been focusing on machinery for processing large amounts of fruit, vegetable and salad - and has expanded its own production site further and further. This expansion Manuel Walter experienced in his career, too:

Who is Manuel Walter?

Manuel Walter has been head of KRONEN's pre-fabrication division since 2016. In the same year a new bending press was acquired. And this was not a coincidence. Manual Walter passed his business education as a construction mechanics, worked as a welder afterwards and started with KRONEN in 2012.
However, in 2014 he decided to do further education and completed his master in metal works. As soon as he finished, KRONEN asked him to come back – and made him responsible for the pre-fabrication division of the company. Thus, he was also in charge for the newly acquired bending press. And so he is till today:

What is Manuel Walter’s job?

Manuel Walter programs the bending press: He transfers 3D models of the metal sheets into the software, chooses all necessary tools, calculates the laser cutting by using the software and defines bending sequences. By this means, the metal sheet is bended in the correct angle in pre-fabrication, in order that they can be processed further. And it is same for the saw, with which pipes and solid metal can be cut.
Manuel Walter is head of a team of construction mechanics, it is his job to put the team on work detail. The team members implement the shaping of sheet according to his inputs and programming.

This is what Manuel Walter says about his work with KRONEN:

"Programming the bending press is an activity that offers a lot of variety - I enjoy it. I also appreciate the interaction with nice colleagues. The work environment is just right.

We create many complicated sheets every day, since in the end every machine is individual and tailor-made. I like my job - that is the most important thing! Fair conditions and the good atmosphere at KRONEN, this is completing the picture."

MARCH PORTRAIT - We introduce: Mandy Knobel

Kalender_2018_03a | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Mandy Knobel, Export Sales Assistant South America and Baltic States

KRONEN increased the export of its machinery and solutions in the last copule of years. In 2017 about 80 percent of the revenues came from the export business.
Thus, Germany remains the biggest market, but important are all other future markets around the world, too. Since 25 years KRONEN is doing business in South America for example, and since 20 years in Russia and the Baltic area, too. And since 2011 Mandy Knobel is the responsible Export Sales Assistant at KRONEN for these regions:

Who is Mandy Knobel?

Just as KRONEN Mandy Knobel has been active internationally for a long time. Actuallly, the job at KRONEN is her first employment in Germany at all. Before, she worked in France, Tunesia and Luxembourg, among others in the sales back office. Mandy Knobel studied "Transnational communication and cooperation", namely tri-national: in Saarbrucken, Metz and Luxembourg. Her focus: languages. Thus, Mandy Knobel can communicate in English, French, Spanish and Russian with customers and partners. It is obvious: intercultural exchange is a central theme in her career. And with her job as Export Sales Assistant at KRONEN she remains true to herself at this point.

What is Mandy Knobel's job?

Mandy Knobel is in continuous exchange with the customers, in their national language of course. She creates offers, takes care of shipping and customs clearance for the machines as well as of the billing. She works closely together with the Export Area Sales Managers and holds position in the office when they are travelling in their respective sales area. For this kind of work you require versatility: being cosmopolitan, persistent and customer-oriented, all this at the same time, is important. Mandy Knobel completes the order confirmation, coordiates the forwarding company and clears customs, so it is thanks to her that customers receive their shipment - after the machines are finalized in the production - as soon as possible.

This is what Mandy Knobel says about her work with KRONEN:

"I particularly appreciate the contact with people all over the world and the languages in which I cultivate these contacts. The family-friendly work climate is very pleasant and I think the company‘s health management is exemplary.

My work with KRONEN is very communicative and the point is to coordinate all steps in a way that things go smoothly. A special project for me was to re-create our system, therewith our offers can also be released in Russian, not just English - a real win-win for our customers and us.

Custom issues are daily business, though. Together with our representatives in the respective country or the import company it is my task to solve them as quickly as possible, in order that the customer receives its shipment in due time and in order to avoid warehousing costs.“

FEBRUARY PORTRAIT - We introduce: Philipp Wollenbaer

Kalender_2018_02a | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Philipp Wollenbaer, Industrial Mechanic in Special Construction

KRONEN produces the larger part of the machinery and plants for the catering, specialty, freshcut and food industry at its own production site at the 5000 sqm sized area in Kehl-Goldscheuer.

Hence, the production is a central part within the company and this is also the reason why KRONEN offers professional education. Currently five apprentices are working with the company. And not long ago Philipp Wollenbaer was one of them:

Who is Philipp Wollenbaer?

Pretty much one year ago Philipp Wollenbaer finished his education. Technolohy has always been of interest to him. Thus, becoming an Industrial Mechanic was quite obvious to him. He is from the region and already knew KRONEN. In 2014 he applied at KRONEN – and started his education. So, Philipp Wollenbaer has started the profession up from the bottom at KRONEN.

What is Philipp Wollenbaer's job?

Philipp Wollenbaer installs special machines – entirely, from A to Z. He receives the blasted components form the glass bead plant and assembles them. This includes reparing and processing e.g. threads or shafts as well as gathering and implementing construction drawings and order plans. And this is really important, since Philipp Wollenbaer doesn't build one and the same machine twice. He is responsible for making the tailor-made, individual single or special models at KRONEN.

In the meanwhile it is him, the former apprentice, who has become the contact partner for the junior staff: He is the one asked if the apprentices need advice whether on theory or practice!

This is what Philipp Wollenbaer says about his work with KRONEN:

„What unites me with KRONEN is the fact that I am part of a very professional team. I am proud, because year-by-year we get bigger and better. What I like most is working with heavy machines or assemblie. I learn new things everyday.

I assemble salad washing machines of the GEWA type and the pineapple and melon peeling machine AMS 220 for example – in many different variations. It is a diverse job and I can work on my own responsibility.

For building one GEWA machine I need about two days in average – but sometimes things need to be quicker. Last year there was a series of orders and I have built at least 15 GEWA machines in a couple of months. It was a good feeling having accomplished this in the end!"

JANUARY PORTRAIT - We introduce: Azizah Schmeiser

Kalender_2018_01a | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


In 2018 we celebrate 40 years of KRONEN and on occasion of the anniversary we have decided to focus on the people behind KRONEN. After all they are the actual makers of our company‘s success story!

We introduce: Azizah Schmeiser, Export Area Sales Manager for Far East

Who is Azizah Schmeiser?

It is hard to be more international: Azizah Schmeiser is born in Singapore and is able to speak five languages – English, German, Chinese, Malay and Indonesian. She went through some other positions before she approached the field of sales: After her business education she worked in the technical purchasing department of a Canadian company. Then, she moved to Germany and started working in the sales and export area. Heading international is a strong issue to her – this as well as her technical and sales know how she can fully apply at KRONEN, too.

What is Azizah Schmeiser's job?

KRONEN is a globally operating producer and supplier of machines and processing lines for the catering, specialty, fresh cut and food industry and delivers its products to more than 100 countries. Hence, the international sales becomes more and more important. KRONEN has a network of representatives in more than 60 countries by now.

Here, the Asian region is an important growth market – and this region Azizah Schmeiser takes care of at KRONEN since 2013.

Her area of activity is various: She guides and supports the representatives in the Asian region, she is on-site at the most important trade shows, visits and consults customers and continous learning about the requirements and needs of the respective countries. In short: She is the face and ear of KRONEN for the industry in this diverse part of the world!

This is what Azizah Schmeiser says about her work with KRONEN:

„The work in an international enterprise with its own highly-developed production is extremely varied, as individual customer requirements demand totally different solutions. I think it‘s exciting to develop new markets and communicate with other cultures. Moreover, I like working together with qualified, motivated colleagues, and I like the good team spirit.

The industrial processing of agricultural products is not that common in some parts of Asia by now – that is a special challenge, but makes my work especially interesting, too. Real premieres and thus highlights of my working experiences have been: The delivery of a cutting machine to Antesco in Vietnam in 2016 and the setup of an apple and a raisin processing line for our customer Agro Indus in Afghanistan in 2017."


Kalender2017_DEZEMBER_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


December 2017: Recipe preparation 'Apple Trilogy':

The 'Apple Triology' from the KRONEN Christmas Menu

Our short video shows you how simply and quickly you can create the 'Apple Triology' from the Christmas Menu in our KRONEN calender 2017 by using our machines for the preparation.

  • Caramelised apples

  • Apple-Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Apple Slices Flambés with Vanilla-Foam

The multifunctional apple peeling machine AS 4 (table top model) is perfectly suited for processing a wide size range of apples (55 – 85 mm Ø): Peeling, coring, wedging and / or slicing in one pass! A spring-loaded knife adjusts automatically to provide a consistent result on uneven surfaces. The peeling thickness can be adjusted. It is simple to operate. Also, the slicing, segmenting and coring tools can be changed easily and very quickly. Up to 3 apples can be held at one time, in an easy three step process.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!


Kalender2017_NOVEMBER_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


November 2017: Recipe preparation 'Butternut Squash Spaghetti':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the November recipe:

"Butternut Squash Spaghetti with Fresh Herbs and Ricotta"

This recipe is very much in line with the trend: Healthy vegetable spirals fresh and perfectly cut with the SPIRELLO 150. The belt cutter GS 20 not only cuts fine herbs quickly and gently, but also whole heads of lettuce and cabbage. Vegetables, herbs, fruit and many other products can be processed perfectly and without any problems.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!


Kalender2017_OKTOBER_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


October 2017: Recipe preparation 'Red Cabbage Salad with Pumpkin Seed & Lime Dressing':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the October recipe:

"Red Cabbage Salad with Pumpkin Seed & Lime Dressing"

Cabbage cutting made easy: The KRONEN cabbage cutter CAP 68 is especially suitable for the cutting of fine strips of large quantities of red and white cabbage.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!


Kalender2017_SEPTEMBER_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


September 2017: Recipe preparation 'Lamb cutlets on Melon salsa':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the September recipe:

"Lamb cutlets on Melon salsa"

To prepare the melon salsa our AMS 220 Pineapple & melon peeling machine is ideally suited. Melons, but also pineapples or butternut squash can be peeled regardless of the product contours perfectly and uncomplicated.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!


Kalender2017_AUGUST_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


August 2017: Recipe preparation 'Zucchini-carrot spaghetti':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the August recipe:

"Zucchini-carrot spaghetti with truffle foam"

For preparation, we recommend our AMS 220 Pineapple & melon peeling machine which is perfectly suited for cutting decorative spirals of vegetables (e.g. carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, celeriac, beetroots, zucchinis, etc.) very quickly and simply.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!


Kalender2017_JULI_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


July 2017: Recipe preparation 'Summer Minestrone':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the July recipe:

"Summer Minestrone"

For preparation, we recommend our Cutting machine TONA S180K, with this handy machine you can achieve perfect cutting results. Fruits and vegetables in different cut variations: wedges, slices, sticks, figurines, etc.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!


Kalender2017_JUNI_web.jpg | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


June 2017: Recipe preparation 'Carrot-Radish Salad':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the June recipe:

"Carrot-Radish Salad with Roasted Mustard Seed"

With our Cube, strip & slice cutting machine KUJ V you can cut quickly and smoothly the carrot stripes for this delicious salad.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!

May 2017

Kalender2017_MAI_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


May 2017: Recipe preparation 'Vegan Gyros Pita':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the May recipe:

"Vegan Gyros Pita with Pineapple Cabbage Salad and Vegan Tzatziki "

In particular the processing of pineapples - from preparing the whole pineapple up to dicing - succeeds simply, fast and smoothly with our devices.

Much success and fun when following this recipe!

April 2017

Kalender2017_APRIL_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


March 2017

Kalender2017_MAERZ_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN Calendar 2017: Recipe preparation 'Caesar salad':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the March recipe.

Take a look and see how quick and clean lettuce can be washed and spin-dried with our machines and the corresponding delicious menu is created:

"Caesar Salat"
with Roasted corn-fed chicken and Herb Croutons

Much success and fun when following this recipe!

February 2017

Kalender2017_FEBRUAR_web | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN Calendar 2017: Recipe preparation 'Vegetable Spaghetti Variations':

From our KRONEN calendar 2017, we will show you the preparation of the February recipe with our new SPIRELLO 150 Vegetable spiral cutting machine.

Take a look and see how this machine quickly cuts vegetables into attractive spirals and the corresponding delicious menu is created:

"Vegetable Spaghetti Variations with Pesto"
(basil-lime / walnut / summer berries)

Much success and fun when following this recipe!

January 2017

Calendar PICTURE January 2017 | KRONEN Nahrungsmitteltechnik


KRONEN Calendar 2017: Recipe preparation 'Pulled Chicken Burger':

„Fresh from the field to the table“ – this is the motto for this year‘s KRONEN Calender 2017 – inspiraled by our machine highlight, the Spirello 150.

At the beginning of the year, we present our tried and tested GS 10-2 belt cutter perfectly suited for preparation and production of the JANUARY MENU:

Pulled Chicken Burger
with sweet potato French fries
on sumac yoghurt dip

Much success and fun when following this recipe!