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15.03.2023 - News article

A patent for the GEWA 3850V PLUS for bell peppers

KRONEN is granted a patent for its washing machine for sorting, cleaning and washing uncored cut bell peppers in Germany.

The GEWA 3850V PLUS is specially designed for washing and sorting bell peppers that have either been diced or cut into strips. It processes the complete cut pepper, including the stem, core and seeds. The machine impresses users with its ingenious separation process and effective fine particle separation.

In one single step, a unique, clever system uses different water flows to separate the good product from the waste during the washing process. This eliminates the additional time-consuming stages of preparation and/or sorting.

Specially designed for the effective sorting and washing of up to 1,200 kg of product per hour

The flotation separation process enables products to be sorted during the washing process. It can be used for bell peppers and other products that can be sorted due to their flotation properties. The stem and unripe white parts of the product float on the surface of the water and are discharged via a special conveyor belt with a stainless steel link belt. Heavy parts (seeds and cores) sink to the bottom of the tank and are channeled out via the sand trap. The good product is distributed in the remaining water volume of the washing machine and then discharged via the vibration outfeed for further processing.