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01.02.2021 - News article

Efficiently free lamb's lettuce from clay soil

Successful test for a prospect with a capacity of up to 2.5 t / hour:

In the small-leaved structure of lamb's lettuce, soil, sand and dirt are particularly persistent, which is why it presents special demands for the washing process. For a prospective customer who processes lamb's lettuce through a washing process immediately after harvest, the KRONEN team carried out tests with heavily soiled lamb's lettuce.

The farmer from Germany, who successfully supplies large discount stores with kitchen-ready lamb's lettuce, wanted to use the test to check whether the KRONEN washing machine can remove the clay soil from the lamb's lettuce in just one washing process.

The lamb's lettuce soiled with clay was washed with the GEWA XL washing machine. As required, a kitchen-ready result was achieved with just one pass through the GEWA XL. In addition to the large processing capacity, in this case 2.5 tons per hour, a particular advantage of the GEWA XL is that the sand trap can be completely emptied quickly and easily.

The test enabled the farmer to get an idea of the effective washing process with the GEWA XL for processing lamb's lettuce. The previously defined requirements which included the kitchen-ready result after one wash cycle, as well as the capacity and efficient operation of the washing machine were met to the complete satisfaction of the prospect.

The GEWA XL is particularly suitable for washing sensitive products such as lamb's lettuce, baby leaf or large-leaved salads because of the product entry via the wash-in chute, as the products are gently washed in and carried into the rotating movement of the washing water. Thanks to the HELICAL system, the product covers a spiral path in the wash tank and is optimally distributed so that it is brought under water and completely washed around.

If you are interested in a product processing test with one of our machines, please do not hesitate to contact us! Tests can also take place via online meeting in order to avoid traveling in the current difficult situation.