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12.09.2022 - News article

Further processing of excess food in the supply chain

The cooperation between and KRONEN delivers positive results: Since the start of the cooperation between KRONEN and the food technology organization in February 2022, several processing plants have already become food rescuers by regularly sourcing high quality produce from the retail platform run by the start-up. This not only has a positive impact in terms of resource and climate protection but also enables customers to benefit from produce available at a reduced purchase price.


Cooperation between and KRONEN to reduce food waste

According to, food waste is a huge challenge to tackle, as is confirmed by the report on “Closing the Food Waste Gap” by the Boston Consulting Group, which concludes that a third of the food available worldwide is wasted each year. In its study (in German), WWF claims that the majority of food waste, namely around 60 percent, occurs at the start and in the middle of the supply chain. As a digital distribution platform, helps to bring the supply of and demand for food together in perfect harmony. It also aims to optimize processes and order amounts to reduce excess on a long-term basis. Future plans for the platform include providing customers with KRONEN’s expertise on how to process food efficiently and hygienically with perfect results.

The overall aim is to offer excess fresh and high-quality produce for further processing along the supply chain and thus work together in close cooperation with the actors in the supply chain to reduce food waste. All of the companies involved in this mission protect both resources and the climate and help to establish a closed-loop circular economy for food. What’s more, companies on the platform can additionally benefit from attractive and sometimes even reduced purchase prices for fruit and vegetables that have the same high quality as standard market produce.

After experiencing the impressive perfect quality of the produce sourced from the SPRK platform for its machine demonstrations and exhibition booth catering, for example at the recent Fruit Logistica, KRONEN decided to cooperate with for the German market.
With SPRK as a partner and in close cooperation with our KRONEN customers,we are actively committed to reducing food waste along the supply chain and thus making companies and their products more sustainable.

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