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03.08.2020 - News article

HOW TO DO AUGUST TIP: Butternut squash like hand cut with the GS 10-2

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KRONEN TIP - Butternut squash like hand cut with the GS 10-2


Butternut squash like hand cut with the GS 10-2

Aim: To cut chunks of butternut squash of varying sizes
Machines: Belt cutting machine GS 10-2 with the junking knife
Result: The pieces of butternut squash have different sizes and thus look like they were cut manually
Capacity: Up to 1.300 kg of butternut squash can be cut per hour

Basic conditions for the process are:

  • The butternut squash is peeled (e.g. with the AMS 220), halved and the seeds are removed
  • The 20mm block knife is mounted on the GS 10-2
  • The belt speed is set to 100, the knife speed is set to 40 and the downholder is used with maximum pressure (100%)
  • The butternut squash halves are placed on the infeed belt of the GS 10-2 so they lie lengthwise in the movement direction

Using the junking knife, the butternut squash is cut into pieces of various sizes, whereas most chunks will be 50mm wide with the length determined by the belt and knife speed combination. Undesirable very small pieces can be removed if required using the GS 10-2 with a horizontal outfeed conveyor or a sliver remover. Thus, the cutting process results in a mix of differently sized chunks of butternut squash, which look like they were cut manually.

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