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09.01.2023 - News article

January: KRONEN likes vegan

In January, Stefan Köbel, Export Area Manager in Sales, reports on solutions for vegan products.

Who: Stefan Köbel is our Export Area Sales Manager and is responsible for our sales activities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. In this function, he is the contact for our KRONEN representations in these regions and is responsible for working with them to handle and meet the needs and inquiries of customers to the best possible extent and to provide them with tailor-made solutions.

Like: “An exciting project for me was, and still is, working on our solutions for processing meat substitute products and vegan products, which we have implemented in several countries in Europe and North America over the past two to three years. One example is the combination of a well-established machine like the GS 10-2 or GS 20 with the upgraded cutting tools that have been optimized for this specific processing. I am particularly interested in such new applications and approaches, and the result has been a complete success.”

Vegan products are currently a major trend, and this January, the “Veganuary” initiative is sure to yet again attract a great deal of attention to this topic. The growing market for meat substitute products needs efficient processing solutions to meet the increasing demand. Against this background, KRONEN has already been working with industry pioneers for several years and has, for example, adapted a variety of the cutting tools for its belt cutting machines for the processing of extruded soy or pea protein sheets. As a result, it can achieve optimal cutting results when producing plant-based “gyros”, “chicken” strips or chunks, “pulled pork”, and many other products.

“Sales activities at KRONEN are fun because our flexible and dynamic team is able to find innovative and customer-oriented solutions time and time again. I particularly like the friendly and social atmosphere, the excellent opportunity to take individual responsibility and the trust that the company places in us.”