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03.07.2023 - News article

July: Customer-specific processing solutions

The KRONEN Sales Team works with representatives and customers to develop specially adapted solutions for an extremely broad spectrum of demands.

Who? Azizah Schmeiser has been catering to the needs of customers and KRONEN representatives in Asia for nearly ten years. Given the wide range of products to be processed and the different production conditions in place, it is often not the case that one standard solution fits all. Flexibility and expertise therefore play an essential role in Azizah Schmeiser’s day-to-day work so that she can find the ideal solution for every customer.  

Like: Both the KRONEN representatives worldwide and direct customers contact the KRONEN Sales Team for help with their food processing problems, some of which are highly specific. Azizah Schmeiser and her colleagues work together with the project team and in close cooperation with the representative and the customer to examine whether their requirements can be met by adapting an existing machine or developing a new solution.  

”Developing the optimal processing solutions for each individual customer makes my work very varied indeed, and it is always motivating to see how customers can successfully optimize their production activities with our machines or lines,” states Azizah Schmeiser, describing project work at KRONEN. “This is particularly the case when a solution developed for a specific customer ends up becoming a top-selling idea.”  

This is precisely what happened with the development of a special cutting attachment for creating mango cubes with the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine for a customer in Vietnam. A special requirement for this project was to achieve the lowest possible loss rate of under 10 % when cutting 20 mm cubes. To achieve this, the KRONEN team worked together with the customer and the representative, who provided detailed local market and product knowledge, to develop a customized dicing grid. As a result, the GS 10-2 can now cut up to 1,000 kg of fresh or 500 kg of frozen mangos per hour with precise cutting quality. The belt cutting machines with the special dicing grid are now being used by 20 customers in Vietnam alone.