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01.06.2023 - News article

June: Precise cutting quality + a high capacity = the KUJ HC-220

A sophisticated solution, engineered by KRONEN

Who: In his role as a design engineer, Gregor Egger is responsible for the (further) development of machines – from prototypes to series-produced machines – and he always keeps a close eye on customer demands. He designed the new KUJ HC-220 cube, strip & slice cutting machine as a further development of the KUJ-V.

Like: “When developing new machines or further developing existing models, our team at KRONEN can make the most of our colleagues’ many years of experience and comprehensive industry knowledge, which help to inspire the machine designs. When we combine this inspiration with extensive on-site prototype testing at our facility and then in customer facilities too, we achieve reliable, user-friendly machines with an optimal processing result – just like our new KUJ HC-220.”

As the design engineer behind the new model’s ‘little sister’, the KUJ-V, Gregor Egger is well aware of the demands placed on cutting machines. With the KUJ HC-220 , he has developed a machine that can process larger products with a diameter of up to 220 mm. When developing this space-saving solution, he also focused on hygiene, safety and optimal cutting quality when producing cubes, strips and slices.

“We have adapted the cutting machine to process larger products such as celeriac, cabbage and turnip without pre-cutting. This enables us to achieve a much higher capacity with the KUJ HC-220 and to offer an ideal solution for all customers processing larger quantities. The machines already attracted a very positive response when presented in machine demonstrations before this year’s Fruit Logistica, and this strong interest is now being reflected in the orders received.”