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01.12.2022 - News article

Product of the month December: Pumpkin

They come in colors ranging from orange, yellow, and green to a grayish blue, white, or even patterned and are available in all kinds of different shapes and sizes: pumpkins and squashes are varied, decorative, and suitable for longer-term storage. The many different edible varieties of pumpkins and squashes can be used to prepare a multitude of dishes.

Product of the month pumpkin - peeled and unpeeled butternut

Nevertheless, their toughness, and sometimes also their immense size, means that robust machines with sharp blades are required for their processing. KRONEN offers solutions for peeling, segmenting and slicing pumpkins and squashes.

The S 128 segment cutting machine is designed especially for pumpkin processing and can slice large pumpkins and squashes into segments of similar sizes. It can be quickly and easily adapted to different product sizes by individually setting the number of segments sliced based on the size of the pumpkin or squash being processed. As a result, the machine is able to produce between 4 and 16 segments or cuts with clean cutting edges. The individual selection of the number of segments produced from each pumpkin or squash enables users to efficiently cut pumpkins and squashes of varied sizes into segments that are as uniform as possible. The quick and easy operation of the machine enables it to process up to 75 pumpkins/squashes an hour when slicing them into 16 segments. The segments can then be deseeded and packaged to be sold in portions.

Deseeded segments can be cut into cubes or strips with the GS 10-2 or GS 20 belt cutting machines. The GS 10-2, for example, can cut up to 1,300 kg of pumpkin/squash per hour. Its hold-down technology enables it to achieve a smooth cutting result.

When it comes to bottle gourd, namely bottle-shaped squashes like butternut squash, the AMS 220 is the ideal peeling solution. The AMS 220 can peel pumpkins and squashes with diameters ranging from 100 to 220 mm. Its simple operation enables users to process up to 240 pumpkins/squashes per hour.