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01.02.2022 - News article

Product of the month February: Avocado

For several years now, the popularity of avocados has been growing worldwide - as have demand and production volumes.


In addition to the famous guacamole, the specialty that originated in Mexico, avocados are now often used as a sandwich topping or ingredient in salads. And because you eat with your eyes first, the production of visually appealing product pieces is required for everything that is not processed as a dip.

Despite optimal ripeness, this new requirement presented a challenge that could only be solved with manual processing. However, the constant strain caused by the necessary rotating hand movements when peeling the avocados often leads to health complaints among production workers.

Therefore, the only efficient way to meet the increasing demand is with machine-assisted or automatic processing:

With the Convenience Avocado line, KRONEN offers a semi-automated solution for peeling and pitting large quantities. The gentle processing produces halves from the delicate fruit that look as if they were peeled by hand. The products are thus optimally prepared for further processing, e.g. cutting into slices or cubes with the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine.

As part of a research project, KRONEN has also developed a new robotics-based solution for fully automated processing of avocados. The processing line is currently tested extensively. The line can be equipped with one, two or three robots and processes up to 1000 avocados per hour with 3 robots. The line enables optimal hygiene and reliable, continuous production. The quality of the visually appealing halved, peeled and, if desired, sliced avocados even surpasses that of manual processing.