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10.01.2022 - News article

Product of the month January: Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is among the top three lettuce products most frequently processed by KRONEN machines at our customers' sites worldwide. Its popularity remains high among private households, gastronomy and convenience manufacturing, even though competition from a variety of other lettuce types is growing.


As a crunchy component of mixed salads, iceberg lettuce continues to play an important role. The great advantage in processing iceberg lettuce is that it can also be cut particularly well into smaller pieces, e.g. squares or strips.

In particular, the KRONEN lines for processing salad with large capacities of 2 tons and more per hour are successfully used internationally for preparing, cutting, washing, drying, mixing and packing iceberg lettuce. These include, for example, the Multicorer and DCM series from our partner HiTec Foodsystems, machines for decoring iceberg lettuce in a continuous process. The prepared lettuce can then be cut into the desired shape with the GS 20 belt cutting machine and then passes through a washing machine, as for example the GEWA XL. For efficient spin-drying of large quantities of lettuce, the continuous KRONEN drying systems are used and then the ready-to-eat lettuce can be packed.

The KRONEN processing lines ensure efficient processing by optimally coordinated machines and are of course also suitable for processing more sensitive types of lettuce due to various setting options. Thus, with a wide range of individual machines and complete processing lines, KRONEN offers solutions for the most diverse requirements in the production of ready-to-eat (iceberg) lettuce.