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03.05.2021 - News article

SPECIAL Application in May: Spin-drying of caviar, caviar substitutes or vegetarian caviar

Machine: KS-100 PLUS salad and vegetable spin-dryer


Caviar, caviar substitutes (fish roe from other fish species) and also vegetarian caviar (made from algae) are often transported in brine. Before further processing, the product needs to be separated from the brine. This can be achieved by spin-drying the product in the KS-100 PLUS salad and vegetable spin-dryer. Since this product has a very small diameter, a special stainless steel insert with fine perforation is inserted into the spin basket before the brine with the product is poured in. With a short spin time and low speed, the excess brine is removed without damaging the sensitive (vegetarian) caviar or caviar substitute.

Capacity: up to 450 kg/h