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02.04.2024 - News article

WHAT’S NEW: Automated apple ring production

A processing line for up to 1,800 apples per hour 

In March, KRONEN delivered a processing line for peeling, cutting and treating apples. The Inselmühle Usedom, which produces a huge variety of different regional specialties, wants to use the line to make apple rings.

The system comprises two AS 6 apple peeling and slicing machines, a KDB 120 dipping bath and two PLUS or ECO inclined conveyor belts with cleats. The special thing about this line is that it is the first to use two AS 6 machines in parallel, which correspondingly increases its capacity. It can therefore process up to 1,800 apples per hour, a total of approx. 270 kg at a weight of approx. 150 g per apple. 

What’s more, with the exception of the apples being placed in the product holders of the AS 6, the line runs fully automatically. Once in the machine, the apples are skewered and processed in a fully automated procedure. Each machine can process three apples at once. The apples are first peeled and then sliced, with the core removed. The finished good product, in this case apple rings, is discharged separately from the waste, namely the peel and core, via two separate belts below the peeling and slicing machines.  

The apple slices are then transported via a feeding hopper to the KDB 120 dipping bath for post-treatment. The water bath contains citric acid to ensure that the apple rings do not turn brown. Its low, adaptable filling quantity and adjustable dwell time enable resource-saving and reliable treatment of the products. Next, the product is discharged from the bath and dewatered by an air knife. 

An additional advantage of the processing line is its particularly space-saving design, especially given that the Inselmühle Usedom only has a limited amount of space available for apple processing. 

Video of the AS 6 apple peeling and slicing machines 

Video of the KDB 120 dipping bath