FLEX L packaging machine

The FLEX L is suitable for continuous packaging of free.flowing food and other products, integrated into production lines. Bags with a maximum width of 350 mm are produced at a high working speed.

up to 50 bags/minuteMax. capacity
FLEX L packaging machine for the continuous packing of salad, vegetables, fruit and other products in pillow bags (further bag shapes available as options).

Your benefits

  • High capacity for an efficient, continuous packaging process 
  • Ideal for integration into production lines
  • Bag size adjustable with a width of 75 mm to 350 mm and an unlimited bag length
  • Production of pillow bags, block bottom bags and other shapes is optionally available

Product groups


Continuous packaging process with a high capacity

When integrated into production lines, the high-performance FLEX L from KRONEN's partner GKS Packaging B.V. ensures a continuous packaging process for vegetables, fruit and cut lettuce, as well as other pourable bulk products. This packaging machine can produce various bag sizes with a width between 75 mm to 350 mm and an unlimited bag length (max. 480 mm per sealing operation). Tubular bags are produced as standard, but block bottom bags and other shapes are also available as an option.

The machine's high processing capacity makes it particularly suitable for industrial applications.   
In the FLEX L Servo version, the capacity increases from 50 to 70 bags per minute due to the servo-motor-driven sealing system so that very large product quantities can be reliably packed.  

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KRONEN benefits

Production of a wide range of packaging sizes

The flexibly adjustable bag width setting from 75 mm to 350 mm and the unlimited bag length enable the production of many different bag sizes. 

KRONEN benefits

Extremely user-friendly and easy to clean

The packaging machine is easy to operate without prior knowledge due to its excellent accessibility and clear operation using of the 7-inch full-color touch screen. Thanks to the open construction and hygienic design, the machine can be cleaned quickly and easily.

KRONEN benefits

Easy, rapid film change

The open construction of the packaging machine ensures that the roll of packaging film can be replaced quickly and easily. This avoids a longer interruption during the production process.   

KRONEN benefits

Mobile and flexible

The packaging machine is equipped with casters so that it can be flexibly used in different locations in production within a very short space of time. The casters also make it easy to move it to another location for cleaning if needed.

KRONEN benefits

Flexible integration into the production process

The feeding hopper of the packaging machine was designed to make the machine suitable for both manual filling (ergonomic filling height) and automatic filling. The machine can therefore be used flexibly as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a weighing system. 

KRONEN benefits

Allen Bradley PLC and electrical components

The 99 program memory locations enable a wide of recipes to be easily stored, ensuring consistent packaging results. The high-quality electrical components guarantee the smooth operation of the packaging process. 

KRONEN benefits

Servo-driven film transport for precise bag length

The film used to produce the bags is unwound from the roll in a servo-driven procedure, which provides a high level of precision in the set bag length. 

KRONEN benefits

Low power and air consumption

The packaging machine has a low consumption of electricity and compressed air, thus contributing to a cost-efficient packaging process.

KRONEN benefits

Modular design for fast maintenance

The modular design allows individual components to be replaced quickly, which avoids long downtimes and high costs for maintenance work. Accessories can therefore also be replaced or retrofitted particularly easily and quickly. 


KRONEN accessories
Light barrier for detecting the bag length with pre-printed films

When using pre-printed films, an exact bag length is particularly important so that all bags produced have a uniform appearance. The light barrier ensures that the film is cut off at the intended point. 

KRONEN accessories
Connection for gas flushing (MAP)

To extend the shelf life of fresh (cut) products such as salad products, vegetables or fruit, a gas mixture can be added to the package before sealing the bag. Gas flushing (modified atmosphere packing) reduces the oxygen content in the packaging and can therefore extend the shelf life. 

KRONEN accessories
Printing and labeling systems

With the help of printing and labeling systems, the bags can be labeled with all important details and information directly during packaging. 

KRONEN accessories
Various weighing and dosing systems

The packaging machine can be equipped with various systems for weighing and dosing. The systems are adapted to the specific requirements and nature of the products. Different weighing systems, dosing systems or pump dosing systems are used depending on the application. 

KRONEN accessories
Processing of all conventional film types

The sealing system enables the processing of all conventional film types. PE films and other types of film can be processed in addition to PP and laminate films due to the exchangeable seal jaws. 

KRONEN accessories
Vibration unit for the even distribution of the product in the packaging

By using a vibration unit, the product is distributed more evenly in the bag. 

KRONEN accessories
Discharge belt

The belt ensures that the bags are transported safely out of the packaging machine after the sealing process without touching the floor. 

KRONEN accessories
Rotary table for efficient bag packaging

The rotary table ensures an efficient workflow when packing the bags into crates or boxes for further transport. 

KRONEN accessories
Thermal transfer printer for direct printing on the packaging film

With this printer, the most important information can be printed directly on the film so that the labeling and production of the bags can be carried out in one operation.  

up to 50 bags/minute
Width 75–350 mm
Bag size

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 1.2 kW
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Air Working pressure 6 bar
Air consumption 150 NL/min.
Dimensions LxWxH 1205 x 962 x 1617 mm
Film and bag specifications Film width max. 750 mm
Film thickness 25–120 μ
Film roll inner diameter 76 mm (3”)
Film roll outer diameter 320 mm
Bag width min. 75 – max. 350 mm
Bag length unlimited
Bag length per sealing process max. 480 mm
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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