Disinfection, Washing, Mixing

GEWA 3800 PLUS washing machine with vibration or belt outfeed

A universal washing machine for the continuous pre-washing, washing, disinfection and treatment of both cut and whole lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit, among others.

2,500 kg/hMax. capacity
The washing machine GEWA 3800 PLUS from KRONEN for the effective, gentle and economic washing of cut and whole products (salad, vegetables, herbs, fruit etc.) up to 2.5 t/h.

Your benefits

  • Effective and gentle washing due to the HELICAL washing system 
  • The HELICAL washing system makes the machine versatile and space-saving
  • Reduced water consumption with perfect washing results
  • Optimal separation of foreign objects, for example sand, stones and insects
  • Continuous washing process – with automatic filling, no operating personnel required
  • Washing, disinfection, mixing and rinsing possible in just one machine

Product groups


Effective, gentle and economical washing of up to 2,500 kg per hour

The GEWA 3800 PLUS is used for pre-washing, washing, disinfecting, mixing, treating and rinsing salad leaves, vegetables and fruit. It can be used flexibly and is usually positioned downstream of a cutting machine between the low-care and high-care area. 

The wash tank is filled either automatically via an infeed belt or manually. Both floating and sinking products are conveyed through the wash tank by the HELICAL washing system in a spiral motion. The flow rate and movement of the water in the wash tank can be adjusted to suit different products. At the end of the wash tank, the product and with the water are transported to a vibration or belt outfeed by means of an overflow and sprayed with a fresh water shower. The water flows through a strainer into the pump tank, from which it is pumped back into the wash tank and used again. 

Versatile application options:

  • Lettuce (e.g. baby leaf, iceberg): cut and whole leaves
  • Vegetables: cut and whole 
  • Herbs (e.g. parsley, chives): loose and in bunches
  • Fruit (e.g. pineapple, melon): cut and whole
  • Other leafy products (e.g. spinach), tuber products, pulses and mushrooms, as well as seaweed or kelp

As a result, the GEWA ensures an undamaged, optionally cleaned product that, if necessary, has been disinfected with a washing additive. In addition, the product can be efficiently mixed (e.g. mixed salads) and cooled down by the washing process.

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Washing cucumbers, carrots, peppers and salad with GEWA 3800V PLUS
The GEWA 3800V PLUS washes various types of products gently and thoroughly. It is suitable for washing of e.g. whole cucumbers or carrots, sliced peppers, cut cabbage or delicate salad. Thanks to various possible configurations many different products can be washed, for example also different kinds of fruit.
GEWA3800VPLUS broccoli washing
Washing broccoli - gently and thouroughly - wi´th the vegetable washing machine GEWA 3800 V PLUS.
GEWA3800VPLUS rhubarb washing
Professionnal and gentle washing of whole rhubarb with GEWA 3800V PLUS. More information: www.kronen.eu
Salad processing: 1000 kg/h
Automatic salad processing line (e.g. Endive, Rucola) for cutting with GS 20 belt cutter, washing with GEWA 3800 B PLUS with dipping belt and drying with SDS 5000 Suction Dry system. More information: http://www.kronen.eu.
Vortex: Salad processing line
Professional salad processing line for washing (with GEWA 3800B PLUS) lamb's lettuce, the pre-washed product will be flushed gently into the Vortex system for final treatment stage. The longer, controlled contact times during the washing process allow reduction of germs and increasing shelf life and quality of the processed lettuce. Capacity: 800 kg /h
Salad processing 'around the corner'
Kronen presents a customized optimisation solution for complex salad processing. Offering an efficient integration, it is perfectly tailored to meet the operative requirements of the company considering its special indoor conditions. Washing, cutting, drying is possible with this optimal machine configuration combined with a tube system 'around the corner'. BENEFITS: Adaption to spatial conditions, e.g. restricted / narrow spaces or obstacles such as walls Better hygienic separation between trimming area and clean area Produce (salad, etc.) is under water from the very beginning and, therefore, an optimal use of the washing process is guaranteed With this machine combination, approx. 800 up to 1200 kg /h of salad (e.g. Endive) will be processed:
Wash cucumbers, bell peppers and salad with the GEWA 3800V PLUS
The GEWA 3800V PLUS washes a wide range of different products gently and thoroughly. From whole cucumbers or carrots through bell pepper strips and cut cabbage to delicate lettuce – thanks to the different setting options it is suitable for many different products e.g. also for washing different fruits.


All GEWA washing machines from KRONEN are available with vibration or belt discharge – which discharge is chosen depends on the product and user’s requirements

Vibration or belt outfeed

The washing machines are available with vibration or belt outfeed. The chosen outfeed depends on the specific requirements. The vibration outfeed ensures preliminary dewatering of the product, sorts out small particles and is easier to clean. Filter strainers with hole sizes of 2, 5, 8 or 10 mm, for example, are available, enabling product-specific adaptations. In addition to the standard version, a version with an outfeed extended by 500 mm (GEWA PLUS) or 400 mm (GEWA ECO) is available. A belt outfeed may enable a higher capacity and is more suitable for individual products. What’s more, the machine does not necessarily need to be raised in case of a wash cascade function. (Fig. GEWA 3800V PLUS)

The GEWA HELICAL washing system from KRONEN guarantees effective, gentle washing and reduces water consumption and space requirement

Highly effective, gentle HELICAL washing system

KRONEN’s HELICAL washing system ensures that the product travels along a spiral-shaped route in the wash tank that is up to ten times longer than the wash tank. Due to the ideal distribution, the product is loosened up and constantly rinsed completely during the cleaning process. Products are therefore washed thoroughly and gently, water consumption is considerably reduced, and the machine is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Sand trap in the GEWA washing machines from KRONEN for loosened dirt and sand supports the perfect washing result

Sand trap sedimentation unit

The sand trap integrated into the wash tank separates the loosened heavy dirt (e.g. small stones) and sand from the product flow. Dirt and sand settle in the sand trap at the bottom of the wash tank and are not discharged from the wash tank with the product. (Fig. GEWA 3800 PLUS)

GEWA XL washing machine from KRONEN with optimum design for high standards of hygiene as well as simple and fast cleaning and maintenance – e.g. through an optional clean-in-place system (CIP)

Ideal accessibility for cleaning and maintenance

All areas are easily accessible for easy cleaning and maintenance. All pipes, the pump casing, the wash and pump tanks and the covers and switch cabinet are made from AISI 304 stainless steel. All in all, the GEWA washing machines impress users with their optimal hygienic design. In the GEWA PLUS models with vibration outfeed, there are no screws whatsoever in the product area. (Fig. GEWA XL)

With its modular, compact design, the GEWA 3800 PLUS from KRONEN allows great flexibility and adaptation to individual requirements

Compact and modular design

Thanks to the HELICAL washing system, GEWA washing machines are particularly compact. They also have a modular design, which enables the flexible adaptation of the machine to the requirements in production operations. For example, it is possible to retrofit the air system or other options that can be quickly and easily installed as a kit. 


Insect and fine particle discharge of the GEWA washing machine from KRONEN – ideally accessible and thus easy to clean
Insect and fine particle removal system

The insect and fine particle system is available in two versions: firstly as a removable, static basket insert for cut, less sensitive products and secondly as a rotary insect removal unit with a drum for more sensitive products and whole leaves. The insect drum can be easily swiveled out of the wash tank, for example for cleaning. It also has an open design for easy access. At the same time, operational safety is guaranteed. (Fig. GEWA 3800 PLUS)

Lateral fine particle discharge on the GEWA KRONEN machine protects the pumps and makes continual work possible, even with products that foam and contain many small parts
Lateral fine particle removal drum

The lateral fine particle removal drum with a slotted strainer opening of 0.5 mm filters particles out of the circulating wash water. It enables continuous operation without blocking the filter above the pump tank and protects the pumps. This is particularly important for products that foam and contain many small particles. (Fig. GEWA AF)

The air system of the GEWA washing machines from KRONEN generates air bubbles in the washing tank for an optimum result with leafy and curly products
Air system

The KRONEN air system enables the combination of the benefits of the HELICAL washing system with those of the flotation system. By means of a blower, air is conveyed through a pipe system with a large number of perforations. This pipe system generates air bubbles in the wash tank. Especially in the case of sensitive products such as whole lettuce leaves or difficult products such as curly-leaf parsley or lollo rosso lettuce leaves, the combination of reduced water rotation and the air bubbles provides an optimal result.

Sand trap funnel for GEWA PLUS washing machines from KRONEN especially designed for washing very sandy products such as lamb’s lettuce or shoots
Sand trap funnel for products with a high sand content

A sand trap funnel for GEWA PLUS or HEWA washing machines is recommended when washing heavily soiled products (e.g. lamb's lettuce). It can accommodate 49 liters of the sand-water mixture and can be emptied manually by means of a ball valve or regulated by an automatic flow control. In the second case, the parameters (e.g. opening cycle and duration) can be set so that automatic regular emptying takes place, in combination with the water management system. (Fig. GEWA 4000)

Dwell time function of the GEWA washing machines from KRONEN optimizes hygiene and shelf life thanks to the freely adjustable contact time
Retention time function

The retention time is realized by a retaining flap, which automatically controls how long the products remain in the wash tank. This enables the freely adjustable contact time of the products with the water to be guaranteed when using washing additives. This step forms a fundamental basis for hygiene in further processing. (Fig. GEWA 4000)

The Water Management System of the GEWA PLUS washing machines from KRONEN makes the central filling and draining of the washing tank possible
Water management system (WMS)

The WMS for the GEWA PLUS or HEWA washing machines enables centrally controlled filling and emptying of the washing machines. During operation, an additional level sensor automatically regulates the water level in the washing machine. If the water level drops too low, the pneumatic infeed valves are automatically opened and fresh water is provided. The standard system is comprised of two valves for filling and two for emptying the machine, as well as the necessary pipe system. Other versions are also available on request. The WMS is operated via the switch cabinet. (Fig. GEWA 4000)

Water recycling system for GEWA PLUS washing machines from KRONEN in a processing line uses the washing water several times, thus reducing water consumption
Water recycling system 

The KRONEN Water Recycling System (WRS) is used in washing lines comprised of at least two GEWA or HEWA washing machines. Excess water from the second washing machine is returned to the first washing machine, considerably reducing the overall water consumption. The system makes use of the fact that the first washing machine generally carries the higher dirt and germ load. The water from the second washing machine, which is cleaner, is therefore used to refresh the water cycle.

KRONEN SMART Factory, SMART Machines: In future, wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can check the production status of the machine or line on a laptop or mobile end device at any time
SMART Solutions for intelligent, networked production

KRONEN uses its SMART option to provide communication-enabled machines and processing lines. Wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can use these solutions to check the production status of a machine or line on their laptop or mobile device at any time. The collected data can be used to make production processes even more transparent and efficient, for example with regard to productivity, flexibility, quality and safety. Do you have special requirements? We can develop an individual, tailor-made solution for you.

SMART Solutions

100 - 2,500 kg/h
Wet disinfection

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 5.7 kW / 5.9 kW (V outfeed / B outfeed)
Voltage 3~400 V N/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Water Fresh water connection 2 x 3/4 inch (GEKA coupling)
Water drainage 2 x 2"
Total volumes 814 l
Dimensions LxWxH 3872 x 1382 x 1675 mm / 4265 x 1382 x 1675 mm (V outfeed / B outfeed)
Weight 664 kg / 876 kg (V outfeed / B outfeed)
Infeed/placement height 1232 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 933 mm / 759 mm (V outfeed / B outfeed)
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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