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01.12.2020 - Actualités

HOW TO DO DECEMBER TIP: Production of figures made of vegetables and fruits with the HGW or PGW

Ideas for your production:

KRONEN TIP - Production of figures made of vegetables and fruits with the HGW or PGW




Production of figures made of vegetables and fruits with the HGW or PGW

Target: To punch out figures of different fruits and vegetables
Machines: Pneumatical grid cutter PGW or manual grid cutter HGW with differently shaped cutting inserts
Result: Pieces of fruit and vegetables in fancy shapes for decoration of food
Capacity: Using the HGW, for example up to 30 kg of carrots or 30 kg of radish can be processed per hour and using the PGW for example up to 60 kg of beetroot or 50 kg of kiwi fruit can be processed per hour.

Basic conditions for the process are:

  • The fruit and vegetables to be processed are prepared by washing or peeling it
  • The cutting inserts are available in different shapes, as e.g. a star, crown, penguin, snowmen but also butterfly or flower
  • Each insert consists of a cutting insert, pusher and pusher plate
  • The selected cutting insert is mounted on the HGW or PGW
  • The vegetable or fruit is placed on the cutting insert, using the HGW the manual lever is operated whereas when using the PGW the two buttons are pressed which results in punching out the figures of fruit and vegetables
  • Fruit and vegetable that are punched out lengthwise can then be cut into slices, for example using the GS 10-2

The produced figures of fruit and vegetables can either be consumed raw or be prepared by blanching – in both cases they can be used as decoration for different meals as e.g. a children´s bowl with vegetables. Creativity is not limited to the product range of insert shapes available as also special shapes can be manufactured according to customer requests.
Processing of fruit and vegetables with the differently shaped inserts helps create decorations that make healthy dishes more appealing to children. Furthermore, in line with the current season they can also be a healthy, low-calorie alternative to Christmas cookies.
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