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01.10.2020 - Actualités

HOW TO DO OCTOBER TIP: Packing liquids in portions with the MP 150

Ideas for your production:

KRONEN TIP - Packing liquids in portions with the MP 150



Packing liquids in portions with the MP 150

Target: Packaging of hot and cold liquids in bags
Machines: Vertical form, fill and seal machine MP 150 with capacity-based dosing pump
Result: Liquids are packed in bags for safe transportation and easy opening due to stamping at the seal
Capacity: Up to 20 - 25 bags can be packed per minute

Preparation of the machine:

  • The dosing pump is positioned on a platform above the packaging machine, so the liquid is channeled into the machine via the injection lance. This avoids any contact of the liquid with the package film before the filling and thus difficulties with sealing the sachets are prevented
  • Depending on the consistency of the liquid that should be packed, the appropriate dosing nozzle is chosen. Respective dosage valves with injection lances are available both for low viscous liquids with/without small chunks or high viscous liquids with/without small chunks – customized for customer requirements
  • The package film is inserted into the machine, adapted to the liquid to be packaged and the desired bag size
  • The temperature of the sealing is adapted flexibly to the temperature ofthe liquid, the outside temperature as well as the package material
  • The filling quantity is dosed based on capacity and can be set in adefined range, adapted to the desired bag size

Thanks to its compact design, the MP 150 has a very small footprint and thus can be used flexibly in production facilities. Both hot and cold liquids with different consistencies, from fluid to lumpy, can be packed in bags of various sizes since the machine can be adapted to different requirements due to many setting options. The “easy opening” stamping on the bags makes them easy to open, creating a user-friendly pouring lip. Thus, the MP 150 is suitable for packing salad dressings, ketchup or pesto in portions.
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