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21.02.2022 - Communiqués de presse
Anuga Foodtec: KRONEN introduces advanced drying system and its large capacity processing line
LARGE CAPACITY DRYING SYSTEM AND EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES: At this year´s Anuga Foodtec trade fair the KRONEN GmbH stand will be displaying the K650 respectively K850 as part of its extended product range of large centrifuges.

The drying systems have been designed for processing large quantities of cut lettuce, vegetables, and fruit.  Also, KRONEN will be exclusively presenting innovations in the new virtual showroom including a processing line which can process up to 1,000 kg of baby leaf per hour using the latest technology and hygiene system.

During this year´s Anuga Foodtec exhibition KRONEN is focusing on presenting solutions for high capacities as well as innovations and the KRONEN classic machines covering all aspects of disinfection. A brand-new feature is the virtual showroom where visitors together with KRONEN experts have access to the latest innovations from the Kehl am Rhein company. “After the long pandemic-induced break we want to offer trade fair visitors an exclusive insight into our current range of machines“ said Stephan Zillgith, Management spokesman. “One of the highlights is the further developed large centrifuge.  Also, using the virtual showroom for the first time at a trade fair we will be exhibiting a number of premiere products.“

The K850 drying system: optimal performance and hygiene
The K850 drying system is a further development of KRONEN´s K650 drying system. Here particular attention was paid to the drive and the hygienic design. This resulted in new features such as increased capacity, shortened cycle times or an additional spray system. Despite the size of the machine the infeed height of the K850 is set low deliberately.  This means the length of the buffer belt is shorter and therefore saves a considerable amount of space in set-up area of the large-scale unit.

This fully automated system for dewatering cut vegetables, fruit and lettuce including whole leaf processes large quantities on an industrial scale. The system consists of a feed buffer belt, centrifuge, a discharge belt and an external control unit. In a continuous processing operation up to 5.5 tonnes of product can be dried per hour. The K650 can dry up to 2.8 tonnes of product per hour. Therefore the K850 has been designed to extend the high capacity lettuce and vegetable processing lines.  It can be combined ideally with the GEWA XL and GEWA AF washing machines or the GEWA 5000.

Core removal and dividing up to 3,600 peppers per hour
In 2021 the semi-automated PDS4L was launched able to core, halve or quarter peppers.  It will also appear live and operating on the stand. Thanks to the system one person alone can process up to 750 kg/h. Normally one person manually prepares 40-150 kg of peppers.  This means that by implementing the PDS4L at least two to three people are spared in product preparation. The product is placed on the intermittent feed belt with the stalk face down. The product holders ensure perfect positioning of the peppers. The machine cuts open the pepper from the top, so that the coring knife can remove the core in the second step without cutting the usable product. Waste and usable product are separated. The yield is approximately 85% depending on the variety and quality of the pepper. Precision cutting, ergonomic, safe operation and efficient, easy cleaning are all guaranteed.

A selection of additional machines at the KRONEN stand:

  • Dewatering press DEW 200 – trade show premiere
  • Belt cutting machine GS10-2
  • Cube, stripe and slice cutting machine KUJ V
  • Cutting machine Tona S145
  • Apple peeling and cutting machine AS4 und AS6
  • Potato peeling machine PL40-4 K
  • Salad spin-dryer KS-100 Plus und KS-7 ECO

Innovative processing line in the virtual showroom
The new processing line that KRONEN has recently delivered is the biggest in the company´s history. From a technical perspective the innovative processing line is state of the art and is setting new standards particularly in the field of hygiene. In addition, it displays new and further developments including the K850 drying system, the GEWA AF prewashing machine and the GEWA XL helical washing machine. Capacity is dependent, amongst other things on the product and its bulk density. This line can process up to 1,000 kg of baby leaf per hour and the equivalent amount in mixed leaf.

A selection of further highlights in the virtual showroom:

  • Prewashing on a large scale with GEWA AF – optimal hygiene and reduced water consumption: The GEWA AF is a prewashing machine that uses the brand new “Active Flume” (AF) system recently developed by KRONEN. It has been specially designed to wash fragile, leafy products, submerge light, delicate products without mechanical stress and also to absorb production peaks. Capacity is dependent on the product. E.g. 400-1500 kg baby leaf can be processed per hour, up to 3 t Iceberg per hour and 1000 kg baby spinach per hour.
  • Sanitize whole fruits and whole vegetables – DECONWA Prep: The unique washing system developed by KRONEN improves hygiene and as a result extends the shelf life of end products. It is used to decontaminate raw product before next step processing such as peeling and slicing. The machine can be placed in the Low-Care area whilst dispensing the decontaminated product into the High-Care area. Raw product is washed with cold water and a washing additive such as CITROCIDE® PLUS, chlorine, or citric acid. Capacity is dependent on product and dwell time. It processes from 980 kg/h (pineapple) to 2,400 kg/h (potatoes) with a dwell time of 30s.
  • Dry surface disinfection with the UVC Lock – without heat, unwanted additives and residues: The UVC Lock degerms non-food items, vegetables or meat with the highly effective disinfection performance of the technology offered by the Swiss system partner, sterilAir. The products and objects‘ surfaces are treated from all sides. At 254 nm wavelength, the energy of the UVC light damages microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying. For example, the UVC lock disinfects up to 3 tons of cabbages, up to 2 tons of carrots or onions, or up to 900 transport boxes per hour.

    Visit us at Anuga Foodtec: Booth F008, Hall 10.1