Spin-dryer KS-900 ECO


The KS-900 ECO spin-dryer is perfectly suited to dry all vegetables like leek, pepper (paprika), carrot, cucumber, onion, mushroom, pineapple as well as crunchy lettuce, chicory, Iceberg, lamb's lettuce, delicate herbs, etc.

Fixed spinning speed (900 rpm) and spinning times guarantee a constant result for constant product quality, assuring an optimal price value ratio.

The stable construction, safety and function are based on the requirements of the salad spin-dryer standard DIN EN 13621. The bevel surfaces on the casing, the avoidance of right-angled tilts and the small number of screws in the spin area prevent dirt deposits and simplify the cleaning of the spin-dryer.

Feet with rubber buffers ensure that the machine stands securely during the entire spin cycle.


  • Optimal water drainage and easy cleaning

    The bevel floor inside the machine and the drain pipe with a diameter of 60 mm ensure that the water drains optimally. The sensors for the closing detection of the lid are located in the rear mechanic casing to avoid dirt deposits in the centrifuge area and there are no right-angled tilts in the interior of the machine to prevent dirt from accumulating in the centrifuge area.

  • Pin basket holder

    The pin basket holder ensures easy handling when inserting and removing the plastic baskets into the machine. In addition, the pins reliably brake the plastic basket.

  • User-friendly operation
    Optimized lid of KS-7 ECO

    Buffers on the lid of the machine combined with a new lid attachment protect the lid from damage if the lid is closed improperly. The machine stops if the lid is improperly opened during the spin cycle. The light weight of the stable lid enables easy handling when opening and closing.

  • Reduction of dripping-off time
    Reduction of dripping-off time
    The dripping-off times of canned products such as e.g. crabs, tunas, pineapples, mushrooms as well as frozen bell pepper or onion pieces are reduced considerably.
  • Food safe components
    Food safe components
    All components that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA-compliant plastics.