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01.04.2020 - News article

HOW TO DO APRIL TIP: „Pulled meat“ – Cooked meat shredded with GS 10-2

Ideas for your production:

KRONEN TIP: „Pulled meat“ – Cooked meat shredded with GS 10-2

„Pulled meat“ – Cooked meat shredded with GS 10-2
Target: Tearing cooked meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck) for creating pulled meat with a “hand shredded” look
Machine Belt-cutting machine GS 10-2 with the claw tearing blade
Result: large amounts of pulled meat with an excellent, consistent quality – different widths and lengths of fibers are possible
Capacity: Up to 500 kg meat per hour can be processed in a continuous operation with one person placing the product on the belt. The result varies according to the type, consistence and structure of the used meat.

Basic conditions for the process are - Equipment with cooked meat tearing blade (there are diverse versions available for different fiber lengths)
Belt speed (depending on product): e.g. chicken 18 %
Knife speed (depending on product): e.g. chicken 70 %
Down holder: depending on product – should not be too high (see below)
Product temperature: cooled
For avoiding the product stalling under the down holder belt, which can occur with meat products with higher fat content, you should also consider the following:

The down holder must move freely, it should be placed as highly as possible and the pressure should be reduced as much as possible. The product does not need to be gripped tight, it is more important that the down holder is not to low – however, it must not be higher than the fold on the side guides (about 50 mm).
The brass guide wheels should move freely and the conveyor belt needs to be tight. The rubberized drive rollers have to be clean and free from glaze, which meat products can build up and which makes it slippery.
It is best to start with smaller chunks increasing the size until the optimum is reached. Then, the product should be place on the belt in a consistent and continuous product layer.
The solution is applicable to flexibly process a broad range of different products: e.g. beef, pork, lamb or poultry.
 Due to the fact that the machine can process cooled products, optimum hygiene and easy operation is given.
Alternatively, for larger amounts you can use GS 20 belt-cutting machine with a tearing blade.

Video: Pulled meat with the GS 10-2
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