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28.03.2024 - News article

KRONEN on TV: a video report on the “take-and-bake doner kebab”

A new line featuring KRONEN machines for processing salad and vegetables  

The cabbage cutting machine CAP 68 from KRONEN cuts large quantities of red and white cabbage in best cutting quality.

The science TV show ”Galileo” broadcast by the German television network ProSieben recently visited the brand-new production facility of a KRONEN customer who will soon be launching a “take-and-bake doner kebab” on the market. The kebab contains all typical ingredients, namely meat, salad, cabbage and sauce, and is designed to be sold in supermarkets and heated up by consumers in their own ovens. 

Watch the Galileo TV report (in German) here

The vegetable mix in the doner kebab contains white cabbage, red cabbage, iceberg lettuce and tomato. These vegetables are cut, washed, spin-dried and mixed in a processing line and several standalone machines. To achieve this, the producer has integrated a multitude of KRONEN machines into its new line: a PGW XL pneumatic cutting machine, a GS 10-2 belt cutting machine, a KUJ-V cutting machine, a GEWA 3800V ECO washing machine, a KS-7 PLUS vegetable and lettuce spin-dryer and a K230 salad and delicatessen mixing machine.

The TV report provides a comprehensive insight into how the product is manufactured and how the idea for this industrially manufactured “doner kebab revolution” using fresh ingredients came to light. 

Video source: Galileo – the science show (ProSieben)