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09.12.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: Processing center for thousands of meals for the Santander Group City
Asia and Middle East Food Trade online
"A sustainable food service concept and new processing center for the production of thousands of meals for the Santander Group City in Madrid -Healthier, fresher, and more regional: Sodexo provides the employees of the Santander Group with meals prepared on-site using fresh ingredients. The new food service concept does away with frozen and convenience products to the greatest possible extent."
29.11.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: KRONEN expands solar plant for freshproduce processing
Produce Processing online
"The plant was already installed back in 2016 and was expanded in August 2022. The expansion enables KRONEN GmbH to meet a substantial proportion of the power requirements for its sites in Kehl-Goldscheuer and Achern itself. The new additional panels were installed on the roof of the company’s building in Kehl in the summer. The building includes part of KRONEN headquarters, which is home to both its administration department and the production activities for the food machines that KRONEN manufactures itself and delivers to around 120 countries worldwide."
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10.10.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: KRONEN Presents its New Processing Line to the Fresh-Cut Industry
Perishable News online
"A rare special occasion: within the scope of a major order, the company KRONEN in the German town of Kehl am Rhein is manufacturing four processing lines, one of which was recently demonstrated live to an audience of interested guests invited by KRONEN. The automated, networked line is the third of the four lines that make up the order. Two of the lines are already operating in the facilities of the fresh produce manufacturer, and the other two will be installed by the end of the year. The processing lines boast state-of-the-art technology and set new standards, above all with regard to hygiene. The demonstration offered the visitors from throughout Europe, Latin America and the US the opportunity to experience the innovative system close up and in action while it processed a product."
20.09.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: Kronen and partner on food waste solutions
Produce Processing
"Since the start of the cooperation between KRONEN and food technology organization in February 2022, several processing plants have become food rescuers by regularly sourcing high quality produce from the retail platform run by the start-up. This not only has a positive impact in terms of resource and climate protection but also enables customers to benefit from produce available at a reduced purchase price."
08.08.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: Cutting-edge leafy greens washing
Produce Processing, Iss. July/August 2022
"IT’S BEEN OVER TWO YEARS since visitors and exhibitors last met in Berlin, Germany, for Fruit Logistica, which has kept equipment suppliers from showcasing new developments in person. Given the goahead for 2022, the trade fair opened its doors and welcomed over 40,000 visitors. Kronen was there to showcase its GEWA AF and GEWA XL leafy greens washing equipment. In a recent interview, Russell Quandt, Kronen sales manager for the U.S., explained what makes the washers so innovative."
27.05.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: Innovative food processing technology impresses international trade show visitors
FreshPlaza online
"For Kronen GmbH, April was dominated by the two trade fairs Fruit Logistica and Anuga Foodtec. A few weeks after the last fair, they are taking stock. "We are delighted to finally be back in personal contact with the industry after such a long break of events. It was clear that both exhibitions would attract even fewer visitors, but we are satisfied with our presentation and the contacts we were able to make," said the spokesman for the Kronen Board of Directors Stephan Zillgith. “The innovative salad processing line in the virtual showroom attracted particular interest, as did the Convenience Avocado Line, which we demonstrated for the first time at a trade show, and proven Kronen classics such as the GS 10-2 belt cutting machine.”
12.04.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: Kronen showcases new equipment for avocados, peppers, fruit, vegetables at Fruit Logistica
Produce Processing online
"Kronen showcased numerous new and existing produce processing lines at Fruit Logistica 2022 in Berlin in early April. Although attendee numbers were “noticeably lower than previous years,” Kronen was satisfied with its participation in the show, the company announced through a press release. Visitors to its stand were particularly interested in innovations such as its fully automated, networked salad processing line, which was presented in the virtual showroom, and the live demonstration of the Convenience Avocado Line."
21.02.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: Kronen introduces next-level produce de-watering system
Produce Processing online
"Kronen is introducing a large capacity fruit, vegetable and leafy greens processing and advanced drying system line this year, the K850. The system, which will be demoed at Anuga Foodtec in Cologne, Germany, in April, will feature the established K650 and new K850 large centrifuges. The drying systems are designed to process large quantities of cut lettuce, fruit and vegetables. For example, the system can process up to 1,000 kilograms of baby lettuce per hour."
21.01.2022 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: Kronen’s GEWA 4000V washer made for washing half or whole products
LVT Lebensmitteltechnik, Ausgabe 1-2 2022
"The washing process is one of the most important areas for ensuring maximum hygiene in food processing. Kronen’s GEWA 4000V RT made specifically for processors that need to process whole or halved products using cleaning agents. With specially developed technical functions, it guarantees an efficient and simultaneously thorough washing process. A second GEWA 4000V RT has been completed and delivered within just a few months."
03.12.2021 -  Reporte de prensa
Press article: New washing process for fresh-cut lettuce being studied
Produce Processing online
"Since 2019, Gartenfrisch Jung GmbH, Kronen and the Leibniz Institute have been working on a new process to wash fresh-cut lettuce. During a project meeting at Kronen’s head office, a washing machine specially adapted for this decontamination process was tested. The next step is an extensive testing phase actually in a Gartenfrisch Jung production line. The initial point of the research project is to prevent the risk of microorganisms from contaminating packed cut lettuce. Commonly, cell sap released from fresh-cut lettuce combined with humidity — unavoidable in plastic packaging — provides a breeding ground for microorganisms."