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The KRONEN product portfolio covers the entire chain for fruit, salad and vegetable processing: preparing, cutting, washing, drying, peeling as well as packaging. We can also offer interesting solutions for meat, fish and poultry processing.

Our customers are Fresh-cut and convenience food producers of all company sizes as well as the frozen food industry, catering businesses, commercial kitchens, supermarkets and also airlines and cruise lines from Germany and around the world.
Furthermore, regional suppliers, farmer-to-consumer stores and bakery or butcher shops have been relying on KRONEN’s quality for many years.

Whether you are looking for stand-alone machines, entire processing lines or custom-made machinery: It is one of our biggest strengths to meet the individual requirements of our customers flexibly and to deliver tailor-made solutions.
Contact us, we are happy to consult you!

Salad Processing and Packaging

Customer: Zalat-o-mat GmbH, Germany

Production of ready-to-eat salad

Since 2016, Zalat-o-mat GmbH located in the south of Germany has been operating vending machines for fresh regional products such as vegetables and lettuce from its own farm at several locations. The number of vending machines, called Zalat-o-maten, is growing steadily and the possibility of shopping that is independent of opening times is becoming increasingly popular with end consumers. Due to the increasing production volumes, it was necessary to purchase a KRONEN salad spinner and a packaging solution in order to meet the growing demand.

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Newly developed machine for product dewatering

Customer: Wolf Wurstspezialit├Ąten GmbH, Germany


The family-run company Wolf Wurstspezialitäten GmbH is one of the 5 largest sausage manufacturers in Germany and is run by the fourth generation, producing meat and sausage specialties for delivery to large food retailers. Based on the problem that canned mushrooms have to be dewatered before they can be further processed as a filling of mushroom sausage (called “Lyoner”), various techniques for dewatering were tried at Wolf GmbH, including a test to dewater by applying pressure. Together with the KRONEN team, the test setup was translated into a machine that gently dewaters the mushrooms in a short time using adjustable pressure: the DEW 200 dewatering press. The degree of dewatering of the mushrooms can now be precisely adjusted and the processing process at company Wolf has been improved, which was previously associated with long draining times, high personnel costs and large space requirements.

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Vegetable Processing Line

Customer: COTO C.I.C.S.A., Argentina

Processing line for COTO

The largest Argentinan supermarket chain COTO C.I.C.S.A. operates supermarket branches, hypermarkets and shopping centers at more than 120 locations in Argentina, often with an affiliated restaurant. The growth of the past few years led to the decision to set up a central production facility in order to ensure consistently high quality of the ingredients for the restaurants. COTO therefore decided to purchase a KRONEN processing line for vegetables, which would automate and optimize processes for the production of kitchen-ready products.

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Vegetable Processing

Customer: Bortar Group, Turkey


At the “Bortar Collective Cooking Factory” of the Bortar Group located in Izmir, Turkey, every day 70.000 meals are prepared and delivered by the company´s own vehicle fleet to business centers, factories, schools or hospitals in the region of Izmir. With a capacity to serve up to 100.000 meals per day, Bortar Group has grown to be Turkey´s leading brand in catering. Every day, huge quantities of vegetables are processed with KRONEN machines. 

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Salad Processing Line

Customer: Verdeagua, Uruguay

Salad Processing Line at Verdeagua

In 2019, KRONEN and Verdeagua continued their success story which began at the KRONEN booth at Fruit Logistica in 2019. Following the fair, the exchange between the KRONEN sales team and Verdeagua, a producer of fresh-cut salads from Uruguay, intensified on the topic of machines for salad processing.
Verdeagua produces ready-to-eat salads and delivers them to supermarkets and gourmet restaurants. The offered products include the particularly delicate Salanova® lettuce, baby leaf salad, spinach, rocket as well as watercress and basil. The company based in Montevideo now is the leading supplier of ready to eat hydroponic vegetables in Uruguay.

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Processing Facility for Vegetables

Customer: Postuma AGF, Netherlands


The Dutch fruit and vegetable wholesaler Postuma AGF has put in operation an entire processing facility for vegetables. With this, the family business can provide a diversity of high quality fresh-cut products in-house to their customers. The processing kitchen is mainly used to deliver high-quality fresh-cut vegetables. The range has already been significantly expanded with the new machines.

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Salad and Vegetable Processing Line

Customer: Gronsakshallen, Sweden

KRONEN salad and vegetable processing line at Gronsakshallen

Gronsakshallen installed in a new salad and vegetable processing line of KRONEN to expand its production. The goal of the new acquisition is to automatize production and save resources. Gronsakshallen processes mainly different salads, such as iceberg and mixed salad, but also white cabbage, carrots and other vegetables with the line. Depending on products, between 1000 and 3000 kg are processed per day on seven days per week. This is already an obvious increase of output, even though capacity of the line has not yet been exhausted...

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Potato Processing Line

Customer: Retail chain LENTA, Russia

KRONEN Potato Processing Line at LENTA

Up to 600 kilograms of potatoes per hour are produced by the KRONEN potato processing line, which has been put into operation at the LENTA supermarket chain in St. Petersburg. For launching their new product portfolio of cleaned, ready-cut and vacuum-packed vegetables such as carrots, beetroot as well as potatoes in different shapes and various packing sizes, LENTA was looking for the best option of a cost-effective and automatic manufacturing process...

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Salad Washing Machines

Customer: Vegetable and fruit producer Adam Theis, Germany

KRONEN salad washing machines at Adam Theis

Two GEWA washing machines are integrated in this special salad processing line. With this innovative KRONEN GEWA 3800B PLUS washing line Fresh-cut salads, herbs and vegetables are washed thoroughly and carefully...

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Vegetable Pre-Preparation Line

Customer: Salad and vegetable producer Kanes Food, England

KRONEN Vegetable Pre-Preparation Line at Kanes Food

Kanes Foods approached KRONEN in conjunction with our English representative Lingwood Services Ltd. to help optimize the pre-preparation of various products such as carrot, beetroot and sweet potatoes that could then be used in the many salad and stir-fry products...

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High Capacity Vegetable Processing Line

Customer: Vegetable and fruit producer Ghisetti, Italy

KRONEN High Capacity Vegetable Processing Line at Ghisetti

The vegetable producer Ghisetti 1970 srl based in Badia Polesine in Northern Italy has purchased a new processing line handling potatoes up to 800 kg per hour. In the course of increased demands, Ghisetti decided to produce and process products on its own and on site. The company wants to be faster and closer in the market for precooked, vacuum-packed vegetable products. In addition, Ghisetti will expand its product range with various other kinds of vegetables...

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Cruise lines, airline catering and industrial food service


Passengers of most of the airlines in Europe and overseas benefit from KRONEN’s innovative vegetable, salad and fruit processing technology thanks to airline catering companies such as Barakat Quality Plus or LSG Group.

Just as well as commercial kitchens and cafeterias do in Germany and around the world – for example the public soup kitchen of Sao Paulo, the university kitchen of Toulouse or the Brigham Young University in Utah.

Furthermore, international cruise lines - such as Norwegian Cruise Line or MSG Kreuzfahrten - make use of KRONEN’s quality machines.

given during the KRONEN Customer Day 2018

Sergej Belov, Fruchtmanufaktur Luebbecke, Germany:
"KRONEN is a great company. We have been working together since several years. KRONEN offers many solutions for many products. It is good to know that the company thinks and acts sustainably. Because we want to grow further and therefore need machinery in good quality. With the KRONEN team we have a long-term and friendly cooperation."
Alvaro Figueroa, Fruta Internacional, Costa Rica:
"It is very interesting to see the facilities, how everything is made, and the new technologies and machinery which can help us. We already have a KRONEN processing line in use and it means a big improvement in productivity."
C. G. Foo, Standout Marketing, Malaysia:
"We could look at solutions that you can potentially use in future, we gathered more ideas and knowledge. KRONEN machines are well-known and of good quality that is why we invest in them."
Georg Funken, Bauer Funken, Germany
"We have a long-term partnership with KRONEN starting in the 1980ies. KRONEN is an ideas provider and you know that you get a machine which fits. Know-how, network and quality – that is what KRONEN stands for in my opinion. We had started small many years ago – and what we have reached now is worlds above."
Patrick Milne, Milne Foods Ltd, Ireland:
"KRONEN is a very well organized and structured company. I am impressed by the way they are looking after the customers, and also by their philosophy and ideas behind the machines. It is an ethic, family orientated company and on the same time employees have a forward thinking. Manufacturing companies have to adapt to rapid changes which are taking place in the food business. My impression is that KRONEN is very well prepared for these market changes. I also like the research and developments activities of KRONEN as well as the co-operations with the universities which go into the products."

Tom Willy Olsen, Kjøkkenservice Industrier, Norway:
"I have learned that the KRONEN representatives have been trained for two days during the Sales Meeting Event at KRONEN, which is done on a regular basis. It is good to know that I can trust in the representatives' knowledge. As a manager of my own company I have to be sure that everything is working. It is impressive to see the quality of the KRONEN production and products and I am very confident that we can trust KRONEN."


Marco Romero, Cece’s Veggie Co, USA:
"The Customer Day is a good platform to find out what works well, what are the challenges and how to do better. We already have a GS 10 in use and it has simplified our previous processing method which has resulted in an outstanding outcome. Being here gave us the chance for an efficient exchange with KRONEN."