Disinfection, Washing

Bacteria reduction system for vegetable, salad and fruit products

The Vortex ensures a defined retention time of the products in the wash water, during which the product is completely surrounded by water. As a result, washing additives reliably ensure reduction in bacteria load of the products.

up to 3,500 kg/h (with a retention time of 120 seconds)Max. capacity
The VORTEX system guarantees a defined dwell time for the products in the washing water, during which they are completely surrounded by water.

Your benefits

  • Controlled retention time in the wash water
  • Product is completely surrounded by the wash water
  • Flexible adjustment of the pipe for optimal integration into existing production facilities
  • Pipe length can be designed according to customer requirements

Product groups


Germ reduction due to a guaranteed retention time and complete rinsing of the product

The Vortex system disinfects cut or whole products such as whole carrots or even cut salad mixes with high capacity. For this purpose, a washing additive is used. In order for the additive to reliably achieve germ reduction on the products, the Vortex ensures complete rinsing of the products for a defined time. 

The products are flushed through the pipe system, which can be individually designed to meet customer requirements. The products are gently transported through the pipe system by the submergence channel without an active pump; the laminar water flow here is ensured by adjustable pumps.  

The combination of the Vortex with a GEWA washing machine enables an optimal washing result as the upstream GEWA ensures the removal of dirt and insects, and the downstream Vortex ensures treatment with a washing additive. The Vortex can also be optimally integrated into a continuous line setup. 

The Vortex processes cut lettuce, for example, with a retention time of 120 seconds and a capacity of up to 3,500 kg per hour. 

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Vortex: salad processing line
A professional salad processing line for washing (with the GEWA 3800B PLUS) lamb's lettuce. The pre-washed product is flushed gently into the Vortex system for the final treatment stage. The longer, controlled contact times during the washing process allow reduction of germs and the increased shelf life and quality of the processed lettuce.
Vortex washing
Vortex line for germ reduction and prolongation of the shelf life of vegetables such as salad leaves, root vegetables or fruits such as apples and grapes


A flush-in module ensures gentle product infeed.

Submergence module for a reliable and gentle product infeed

The submergence flume ensures that the pre-washed product from an upstream washing machine is reliably and gently fed into the pipe system of the Vortex. 

Integrated in a production line, the VORTEX takes the pre-washed products from GEWA washing machines.

Efficient processing of large quantities

The pipe diameter of 200 mm enables the processing of large quantities. The products are not damaged when they flow through the pipe system. 

The length of the VORTEX pipe system can be adapted flexibly to customer requirements.

Flexible pipe length for adjustment to meet customer-specific requirements

The pipe length primarily determines the contact time of the products with the washing additive and can be adjusted to meet customer-specific requirements. 

A belt discharge at the VORTEX is especially suitable for delicate products such as baby leaf salad.

Outfeed module: choice between belt and vibration outfeed

Depending on the product-specific requirements, the outfeed module can be equipped with a belt or vibration outfeed. A belt outfeed is suitable for delicate products such as baby leaf lettuce. With a vibration outfeed, additional dewatering of the products can already take place for less sensitive products such as whole carrots.   

The VORTEX pipe system has a modular design and is accessible for cleaning via the screw connections.

Easy to clean thanks to a modular pipe system

For easy cleaning, the pipe system is divided into sections that are accessible via milk pipeline fittings. 


The product flow in the pipe system can be checked visually through viewing windows.
Sight glasses for easy monitoring of the product flow

With the help of sight glasses, which are positioned at various points in the pipe system, it is easy to perform a visual inspection of the product flow through the pipe system. 

KRONEN accessories
Dosing module for a constant concentration of washing additives

For the reliable treatment of products with washing additives such as CITROCIDE PLUS, the Vortex can be equipped with a dosing system, which is integrated into the pipe. As a result, the additive can be replenished directly in the pipe system to ensure a constant concentration of the additive. 

200 - up to 3,500 kg/h (with a retention time of 120 seconds)
Wet disinfection

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 5.9 kW
Voltage 3~400 V N/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Water Fresh water connection 3/4 inch (GEKA coupling)
Dimensions LxWxH depending on the configuration
Weight depending on the configuration
Infeed/placement height 2170 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 819 mm
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

Machine illustrations can include special accessories.