Packaging machine FLOW


FLOW is the next generation vertical, form, fill and sealing machine.

It is suitable for packing all kinds of bulk goods, both food as well as non-food products.
FLOW distinguishes itself from other packaging machines by its hygienic design, full stainless steel construction (no aluminum parts), high packaging speeds and very user friendly interface. The machine is fully servo driven, both on the film transport as well as on the sealing system.

FLOW is specially designed for packaging processes with a medium to high capacity, with a wide variety on products and film types. Especially processes in which hygiene and cleaning are highest priority FLOW is the machine to beat.

The machine is available with various continuous heated sealing systems to process a wide variety of packaging materials, PP, PE, laminated and coextruded films. The bag length is determined by an encoder on the film which guarantees a high accuracy.
For processing printed films an eye mark reader is installed.
Theintuitive touch screen provides the possibilities to create and storeprograms (up to 99). The user friendly interface which is dividedinto an operator and administrator level guarantees a troublefree operation in every situation.

A lot of options are available.