LEAF paper packaging machine


The packaging machine LEAF was specially developed for the production of paper bags from 100% recyclable and compostable paper monomaterial.

The innovative vertical form, fill and seal machine has a revolutionary design and is made of stainless steel and other recyclable materials. The LEAF partly consists of recycled OCEAN PLASTIC and thus contributes to the reduction of plastic waste. Together with the open construction for optimized accessibility, the machine is very easy to clean and maintain. It has iPad interfaces on both sides of the machine and shows the machine status through intelligent LED lighting.

LEAF excels in optimized sealing pressure, paper handling and tracking. It has a special former set and is equipped with an in-line mesh applicator to produce bags with a netting behind the window. The bags are made from paper on a roll. With a large selection of pack sizes (190 mm to 400 mm bag width) and a capacity of up to 25 bags per minute, LEAF is the perfect machine for all paper applications.

Agricultural products such as potatoes or onions can be packed in pillow or stand-up bags that do not absorb moisture from the products. The special paper thus retains its strength and structural integrity. Alternatively, the machine can also be operated with conventional packaging film.