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  • FLOW_M_h_rgb.png

    Packaging machine FLOW

    FLOW is the next generation vertical, form, fill and sealing machine.

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  • UP350_M_f_rgb.png

    Packaging machine UP 350

    The UP 350 vertical form-, fill- and sealing machine produces bags from a flat film from a roll. The machine is suitable for packing many types of food and non-food products. The machine is available in two versions: with a pneumatically driven sealing system or with a servo-driven sealing system.

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  • UP500_R_f_rgb

    Packaging machine UP 500

    The UP 500 packaging machine can produce packaging sizes from 200 to 500 mm bag width and unlimited bag length and has a capacity of up to 20 bags per minute. The bags are made from a roll of film. The machine is very versatile and can be used in small production areas as well as for industrial applications.

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  • CP350_M_h_rgb.jpg

    Packaging machine CP 350 PLUS

    The CP series is based on the new GKS machine platform, which offers a modular and open structure, ergonomic design, minimal downtime and low maintenance costs. Modules can be exchanged in a few minutes.

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  • MINI

    MINI - Vertical form, fill and seal machine

    The compact packaging machine MINI is made of stainless steel and has a modular structure. Its low height, small footprint and wheels make it versatile and flexible, as it can easily be placed under various dosing systems. It is also suitable for manual filling.

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  • EP250_02_R_h_rgb.jpg

    EASY 250 - Vertical form, fill and seal machine

    The EASY 250 form, fill and seal machine produces bags from a plastic film from the reel - efficiently and automatically. It is suitable for packaging many foods and other products.

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  • LEAF_R_f_rgb

    LEAF paper packaging machine

    The packaging machine LEAF was specially developed for the production of paper bags from 100% recyclable and compostable paper monomaterial.

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  • KWT16_M_f_cmyk.png

    KWT 16 Plataforma con mesa para pesaje

    La plataforma con mesa de pesaje KWT 16 incluye una balanza de un solo cabezal, para el pesaje y llenado ergonómico en conjunto con una empacadora GKS modelos CP 350 ó UP 350.

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