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02.03.2020 - Novedades

HOW TO DO MARCH TIP: Cut spirals of short or limited length of kohlrabi, butternut or sweet potato with SPIRELLO 150

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KRONEN Tip - Cut spirals of short or limited length of kohlrabi, butternut or sweet potato with SPIRELLO 150

Cut spirals of short or limited length of kohlrabi, butternut or sweet potato
Target: Cut larger raw vegetables in spirals with short or limited length
Machine: Vegetable spiral cutting machine SPIRELLO 150
Result: large amounts of decorative spirals, which can be optimally adapted in length
Capacity: With up to 680 revolutions per minute and an operation without interruption, you can cut up to 340 kg of perfect vegetable spirals per hour. The capacity depends on the product and the process (see below).

The length of the spirals depends on the following conditions:

  • Diameter of the product to be cut
  • Speed of the length cutting knife
  • Speed of the spiral cutting disc

The larger the raw vegetables to be cut, the longer the spirals will be due to the larger outer diameter of the product.
SPIRELLO 150 can be equipped with a length limit knife shortening the spirals by interval switching (7 speed levels of 0.5 to 3.5 seconds per cycle) into the individual required length.
Vegetables with a smaller diameter such as carrots will be cut with a lower speed than larger vegetables.
On large products you are getting spirals with the length of several times the circumference of the product (even with the minimum speed of 0.5 seconds per cycle), which means for example 40 or 50 cm and longer on butternut.
That is why there are three more options to shorten the spirals further:
Option 1: Before loading the product into the machine, the operator can cut with a large knife on one side into the product up to the middle. This makes sure that the spirals cannot be longer than one circumference of the product. This method should not have any impact on capacity.
Option 2: Reduce the speed of the cutting disc while using the length cutting knife. This option can also be combined with the first one of course, in order to shorten the spirals (e.g. on butternut) further. However, this method also reduces the capacity of the machine due to the lower speed of the cutting disc.
Option 3: Put the product onto a belt cutting machine like the GS 10-2, after it has been cut on the SPIRELO 150. With a two wing knife the length of the spirals can be further reduced in this second step

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