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06.06.2023 - Información de prensa
KRONEN Customer Day: September 28 + 29, 2023
Concentrated expertise in processing lettuce, fruit and vegetables – live and on location at KRONEN in Kehl am Rhein.

After the last Customer Day in 2021 had to take place solely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, KRONEN GmbH is inviting customers and interested parties to experience the event in person again this autumn at its headquarters in Kehl am Rhein, Germany. Participants from all over the globe are expected to attend the in-house exhibition with a program of accompanying events, which will be held on September 28 and 29. The event will showcase the company’s innovative and established solutions for lettuce, fruit and vegetable processing. In addition to live machine demonstrations, it will also feature presentations by industry experts on topical issues.

The food technology company has already been hosting its in-house exhibition with a program of accompanying events every two years for around 15 years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the last exhibition in 2021 was only held online as a virtual event. In 2023, the Customer Day is returning to its venue at the KRONEN headquarters. “After having to pause the in-person event, we are now delighted to welcome customers and interested visitors from all over the world back to our location in the Ortenau region of Germany, on the edge of the Black Forest,” states Stephan Zillgith, Managing Partner and Spokesman of the KRONEN Board of Management. “To celebrate this, we have prepared a comprehensive program featuring a variety of highlights: We will hold live demonstrations of a multitude of machines, an expert forum will provide important background information, and the evening program on Thursday and Friday will offer plenty of scope for social interaction.”

Experience has shown that the Customer Day attracts a great deal of interest within the industry. Participants from approximately 45 different countries are expected to attend the event in 2023. Invitations have been sent out to both existing and potential customers, namely fresh-cut processing companies; convenience and ready-made meal manufacturers; large-scale kitchens and catering facilities; the frozen, dried and tinned food industry; producers of vegan products; and processing farms.

At its in-house exhibition on September 29, KRONEN will team up with its partners Synergy Systems, iWEIGH, GKS Packaging, sterilAir and Citrosol to present its latest solutions and its wide variety of well-established machines in an area covering around 3,200 m2 in its exhibition area and production halls in Kehl am Rhein. Some of the solutions and machines that will be presented in live demonstrations in full product-processing operation include:

  • KUJ HC-220 cube, strip & slice cutting machine for cutting large quantities of fruit, vegetables and other foods into cubes, strips or slices, with a capacity of up to 8,000 kilograms per hour. The machine also processes large products with a diameter of up to 220 mm with the highest cutting quality
  • HEWA 3800 HELICAL washing machine: The universal washing machine has been optimized in terms of hygiene and cleaning. It is used for the continuous pre-washing, washing, disinfection and treatment of both cut and whole lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit, among others
  • K850 drying system: The fully automatic, continuously operating system uses its large-volume centrifuge with a diameter of 850 mm to dry cut lettuce and whole leaves as well as cut fruit and vegetables. The system sets new standards in terms of hygiene
  • Processing line containing machines such as a recipe weighing belt, two GEWA 4000B PLUS HELICAL washing machines and the K850 drying system
  • Robot-assisted avocado line
  • GS 10-2 and GS 20 belt cutting machines
  • KS-100 PLUS vegetable and lettuce spin-dryer
  • AS 6 apple peeling and slicing machine
  • FLEX M packaging machine
  • PDS4L pepper coring and dividing machine
  • MPC 100 manual pineapple chunk cutter

The KRONEN Forum, which features expert presentations on topical issues, will also take place again at this year’s event. All presentations will be held in English and simultaneously interpreted into German.

  • “Hygienic Design: influences on daily workflows and product safety”, Hein Timmermann, President of the EHEDG
  • “Energy efficiency and how it is monitored”, Ghent University
  • “Innovative washing & disinfection of cut lettuce, INP (Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology) Greifswald
  • “The possible potential of ultrasound when washing lettuce”, German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) 
  • “Extending produce shelf-life and improving food safety with BIO-solutions”, Citrosol

Visitors can additionally gain an insight into the workings of the company on guided tours of the production facilities of KRONEN GmbH. Furthermore, the event aims to give participants an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere supported by its evening program of accompanying events. To kick off the Customer Day the evening before the main event, on September 28, the Evening with KRONEN will be held in the Orangery at the Calamus Areal in Kehl. After being welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine, visitors can look forward to culinary highlights and live music, as well as the presentation of the KRONEN Award. To bring the Customer Day to a fitting close on Friday evening, September 29, participants are invited to join the KRONEN team at a celebratory event at the Oktoberfest held by the Europa-Park in Rust.

 “The industry will experience our new products and innovations and also find out what KRONEN plans to focus on in the future,” states Stephan Zillgith. “At the same time, our Board of Management and the KRONEN team want to use the event to thank our customers for their excellent cooperation with our company.”

Anyone who would like to receive more detailed information or participate in the event can contact KRONEN at: or

The registration deadline for the event is August 3, 2023.


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Impressions from the last in-person KRONEN Customer Day, which was held in Kehl am Rhein in 2018: here is the video.

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