Washing machine GEWA 3800V PLUS with vibration outfeed

GEWA 3800V PLUS mit Insektenaustrag schräglinks

Washing machine GEWA 3800V PLUS with vibration outfeed (product outfeed over vibration screen)
for medium capacities, for example approx. 200-1000 kg per hour, depending on product.

Efficient and gentle washing of lettuces, vegetables and fruit by means of adjustable water rotation.


  • HELICAL wash system
    HELICAL wash system
    The KRONEN HELICAL washing system permits the product to pass through the washing tank along an adjustable water spiral, which means a distance of approximately ten times the length of the wash tank itself.
  • Compact and modular construction
    The GEWA washing machines assembly is modular. This allows our machines to adapt to different production requirements and conditions, for example changing the discharge system from vibration to belt conveyor, or installing a new air bubble system on an existing machine. Mounting new optional devices to existing machines can be done by yourself or by our trained service team.
  • Sand trap
    Heavy dirt particles (like small stones) and sand are removed from the product flow and settled separately in the sand trap, at the bottom of the wash tank. Thus we avoid the sand particles to return to the product flow.
  • Cleaning and maintenance
    Cleaning and maintenance
    All pipes, pump cases, wash and pump tanks as well as covers and control panels are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel. Furthermore, KRONEN machines have been designed caring specially about:
    • simple maintenance
    • easy and efficient cleaning
    • low operating costs