PLUS inclined conveyor belt

The PLUS conveyor belt is optimized in terms of cleaning and hygiene. It is available with a flexible design, for example with and without cleats and in different lengths, widths, heights and inclination angles. It ensures a continuous process and a higher level of automation in production.

The PLUS conveyor belt from KRONEN is optimized with regard to cleaning and hygiene and can be individually adapted

Your benefits

  • Easy cleaning: among other things, the conveyor belt can be removed without using tools and the deflection roller can be folded up
  • A wide variety of designs are available and can be customized
  • The more continuous filling enables a higher level of automation and improved hygiene

Product groups


Optimal transport: flexibly adaptable to different food products and requirements

The PLUS conveyor belt enables the continuous transport of food products (cut and whole ) to the next processing step, for example to the peeling or cutting machine, and from here to the washing machine. Among other things, it is also suitable for the discharge of waste products. 

The belt is available in a wide variety of designs and can be individually customized to meet specific requirements in the food industry. A hopper for product infeed is included and can be adapted to the machine or product used in each case. The belt also comes with a mobile base frame and, in the case of smooth belts, a scraper. 

The PLUS version is optimized for particularly easy, fast cleaning. The belt can be removed without tools, and sideways due to the C-frame. The roller motor can be folded up on the infeed side. The side guides can be folded down and the hopper is removable.

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Change of belts
Change of KRONEN elevating-belt in less than 60 sec. Mehr Infos unter
Belt replacement in less than 60 seconds
The belt on the KRONEN sloped conveyor can be replaced in less than 60 sec. Sloped conveyors and conveyor belts for food production are available in many different versions from KRONEN. More information at


The PLUS conveyor belt from KRONEN is optimized in terms of cleaning and hygiene – the belt itself can be removed at the side without tools being necessary, and the drum motor can be swung upwards.

Optimal maintenance and easy cleaning 

The open stainless steel design enables fast cleaning. The belt tension can be released easily, allowing the belt to be removed sideways. The deflection roller can be folded up. With regard to hygienic design, the belt body is manufactured in such a way that horizontal surfaces are avoided.

The PLUS and ECO conveyor belts from KRONEN are available in a wide range of different versions – e.g. with and without cleats as well as in different lengths, widths, heights and inclination angles etc.

Flexible designs can be ordered individually

The belts can be ordered in various lengths, widths, heights and inclination angles and are therefore ideal for use in the food industry. They are available with and without cleats: a belt with cleats is recommended for steep belts or products that could easily roll away. In addition, various conveyor belts and materials are available. The fold-down side guide plates are available in various heights. The removable hopper is manufactured specifically for application with the respective machine or product. The PLUS version is also available as an adjustable incline conveyor belt (flat-to-inclined, inclined-flat or gooseneck). (Fig. PLUS)


There are standard and optional drip trays available for the K650 drying system from KRONEN
Drip plates for water drainage

The drip plates prevent water and product from the conveyor from contaminating the floor, thus improving hygiene and cleanliness.

KRONEN accessories
Variable speeds

The conveyors are optionally available with a frequency converter. The speed can be regulated in seven steps by means of a selector switch.

Transportbänder von KRONEN: Für den Transport von nassem Produkt mit Netzgittergurten können Gebläse und Sauggebläse installiert werden, um das Produkt zu entwässern und vom Gurt zu entfernen.
Blowing and suction

For transporting wet products on mesh grid belts, blowers and suction blowers can be installed to dewater the products and remove them from the belt.

KRONEN accessories
Hygienically designed switch cabinet

For further optimized hygiene, a switch cabinet without horizontal surfaces is available.

KRONEN SMART Factory, SMART Machines: In future, wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can check the production status of the machine or line on a laptop or mobile end device at any time
SMART Solutions for intelligent, networked production

KRONEN uses its SMART option to provide communication-enabled machines and processing lines. Wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can use these solutions to check the production status of a machine or line on their laptop or mobile device at any time. The collected data can be used to make production processes even more transparent and efficient, for example with regard to productivity, flexibility, quality and safety. Do you have special requirements? We can develop an individual, tailor-made solution for you.

SMART Solutions

Ascending conveyor belt

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power depending on the design
Voltage 400 V N/PE (without frequency converter) / 230 V N/PE (with frequency converter)
Frequency 50 Hz
Dimensions LxWxH depending on the design
Weight depending on the design
Infeed/placement height depending on the design
Outfeed/delivery height depending on the design
Belt width depending on the design
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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