Pepper decoring and cutting system PDS4L


For decoring and segmenting bell peppers

The Pepper decoring and cutting system PDS4L is the newest generation of bell pepper decorers, which has been specially developed to meet the high demands in the modern food processing industry. It is the perfect machine for decoring and segmenting sweet peppers and can be operated by one person. Up to 60 peppers per minute and thus, 3.600 peppers per hour can be processed with this system.

The bell peppers are placed on the pocket lane by hand, which then transports them to the core and cut section. At each step, four units can be filled simultaneously. Thanks to special pockets, the peppers remain perfectly oriented during the cutting and de-coring of the product.

The product is moved step by step (standstill, displacement, standstill, etc.), making it very easy and controllable to place the product to be cut. The cut products are transported further through the pockets and unloaded in a collection bin or directly onto a conveyor belt, so that the product stays together. The cutting waste and cores are transported directly to a waste conveyor belt.

Benefits of PDS4L:

  • Perfectly decored and segmented product
  • User-friendly, simple operation and cleaning
  • Cutting inserts are very easy to change and have a long service life
  • Pneumatic cutting section
  • Robust and reliable construction
  • The machine is designed according to the European safety standards; entirely constructed of stainless steel AISI 304 and food grade material (HDPE); Hygienic Design and CE compliancy

The halving blade is included in the standard version, the blade for quartering the peppers is optional.


  • Food safe components
    Food safe components
    All components that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA-compliant plastics.