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01.04.2022 - News article

Product of the month April: Mango

Due to their sweetness and aroma mangoes are an ideal ingredient in many foods and dishes whether in fruit salad, dried fruit, juice or in smoothies, ice cream, chutneys or as an ingredient in various dishes. This delicate fruit is in high demand and not only in the countries where the mango trees grow. Many mango producing countries export mangoes all over the world either as whole fresh fruit or as a ready produced product such as frozen cubes or dried slices.

Peeling and slicing mangoes, their high sugar content and the easy bruising especially of very ripe fruit pose a challenge when processing. KRONEN offers suitable solutions for different types of mango processing used by customers worldwide. Such solutions range from specialised machines and all-purpose machines to complete processing lines – of which only a few are mentioned here.

Using a wash cycle with hygienising additives in the DECONWA Prep the surface area of mangoes can be decontaminated before moving on to the next processing steps. In this way optimal hygiene is ensured at the start of the processing procedure and therefore the washing solution can be used for the transition from low care to high care production areas.

The Mango Peeling and Stoning Machine 20 developed by KRONEN partner ZTI Smart Machines means peeling and de-stoning is automated. During the peeling process the delicate fruit is held in place via the stone to prevent damage and simultaneously produces a visually appealing product.

The versatile GS 10-2 belt cutter can be used to further process the peeled, de-stoned mangoes. It cuts the fruit into slices or cubes. Using the specially designed cube grid to make either 15 x 15mm, 20 x 20mm or 25 x 25 mm cubes, wastage due to the fine pieces can be reduced.

In order to improve their shelf-life the processed mangoes can be treated in the KDB 120 dipping bath using various additives. The KDB 120 now operates with greatly reduced water quantities thereby saving resources and costs. Also, the product is de-watered upon discharge so as to prevent ice forming on the surface during further processing as e.g. a frozen product.

The above-mentioned solutions are complemented by a variety of additional KRONEN machines and can be integrated in processing lines. The Deconwa Prep, the GS 10-2 belt cutter or the KDB 120 immersion bath can also be used flexibly in processing a large variety of other fruits and vegetables.