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01.03.2022 - News article

Product of the month March: Peppers

Peppers are colourful, healthy and versatile. Their use ranges from fresh ingredients in fresh-cut products to convenience foods or sausage fillings and in a wide variety of frozen products. Many diverse demands are made on processing due to the extensive uses and the varying quality of peppers as raw material depending on the season and cultivation method (greenhouse or outdoors).

As a solution KRONEN offers a comprehensive portfolio of machines which provides efficient processing with minimum labour, least possible amount of waste and top-quality processing.

The PDS4L pepper decoring and cutting system uses a semi-automated process which optimally positions the peppers in the product holders and then cores, halves and quarters them. Waste and usable product are separated. The yield is approximately 85% depending on the variety and quality of the pepper. Capacity is up to 750 kg per hour. You can experience this innovation live at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin!

Additional solutions specially developed for processing peppers are the GEWA 3850V PLUS and GEWA 5050V PLUS pepper washing machines. Their automated special separation feature means they are optimally suited for washing and sorting cut peppers. The peppers can be processed entirely without having to previously remove the core and stalk. A sophisticated system using various water flows ensures waste is separated from usable product thereby eliminating costly sorting procedures. The GEWAs achieve a yield of approximately 70% with a capacity of up to 800 or rather 3,500 kg of usable product per hour.

The GS 10-2 belt cutting machine and the GS 20 for larger capacities are designed to cut pepper halves into small (e.g. 35 x 35mm) squares and also into strips quickly, gently and with optimum cutting results, both for raw and grilled peppers.

With its DEW 200 dewatering press KRONEN also provides a further processing solution for cut pre-processed peppers which have been frozen and then defrosted for use e.g. as a filling in sausage or delicatessen products. The DEW 200 removes excess liquid from the defrosted peppers thereby avoiding long draining times.

In addition, several other KRONEN machines can be used for the processing of peppers depending on the production requirements - such as the KUJ V cutting machine for the production of cubes in different sizes or the PGW pneumatical grid cutting machine for the production of different shapes or figures.