K650 drying system

By means of a large-volume centrifuge with a diameter of 650 mm, the fully automatic, continuously operating unit is used to dry cut lettuce and whole leaves as well as cut fruit and vegetables.

up to 2,800 kg/hMax. capacity
K650 drying system from KRONEN: large centrifuge system for products including salad (salad mixes, lamb’s lettuce, iceberg rucola etc.), herbs, spinach, cut vegetables (e.g. carrots and cabbage) as well as fruit and mushrooms

Your benefits

  • Continuous dewatering: designed for large processing lines
  • High drying performance, for example dewatering lettuce down to a residual moisture level of 3 %
  • Ensures easy, safe operation 
  • Processing is extremely gentle – ideal even for sensitive products
  • Various parameters enable flexible adjustment to different products
  • A compact, open design enables optimal hygiene and a low space requirement 

Product groups


Dries lettuce, fruit and vegetables fully automatically, efficiently and hygienically: up to 2,800 kg of product per hour

The K650 is a fully automatic drying system for lettuce, fruit and vegetables and is designed for operation in continuous processing lines. 

The product leaves the washing unit and is deposited on the infeed buffer conveyor. Due to the buffer conveyor, the K650 processes the product continuously, although the centrifuge itself dries in batches. As soon as the centrifuge with a 650 mm-diameter drum is full, the buffer conveyor runs in reverse mode until there is space in the centrifuge. With an optional volume control, the infed product quantity can be optimized. At the end of the drying cycle, the spinning speed is reduced and the product is gently forwarded to the discharge belt by a single blowing-off procedure. It is timed in such a way that the product flow is as even as possible. After drying, the product is transferred either into containers or onto the infeed belt of an automatic weighing or packaging machine. Without product, the unit automatically switches to energy-saving mode. 

The K650 is supplied as a  "Plug & Play" & version, meaning that only the cables of the individual components need to be connected in the switch cabinet to make the machine ready for operation. The switch cabinet is a free-standing unit and has a 10 m cable. The system is equipped with a TOSI-BOX for remote maintenance as standard. Optionally, the control unit can be upgraded with SMART functions. 

For higher capacities up to 5,000 kg/h, the upgraded K850 drying system is suitable.

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K650 Spin-drying of salad, Babyleaf, carrots and bell pepper
With the K650 Drying system (https://www.kronen.eu/en/maschinen/k650) you can gently dry a wide variety of lettuce and vegetable products, even sliced fruit in a continuous processing process. The capacity is about 400 - 2800 kg / h, depending on the product.
K650 spin-drying of salad, baby leaf, carrots and bell peppers on a large scale
With the K650 drying system (https://www.kronen.eu/de/maschinen/k650) you can gently dry a wide range of different salad and vegetable products, or even cut fruit, in a continual process. The capacity is approx. 400 - 2800 kg/h, depending on the product.


The K650 drying system from KRONEN has 8 different set-up variants and has been designed with a very compact footprint

Compact design for a low space requirement

A total of eight different installation options (infeed from two directions and discharge in five directions) are possible for the K650. The system can therefore be flexibly integrated into existing systems in an extremely space-saving manner. With the infeed and discharge conveyors, it has a space requirement of 7,500 x 4,000 x 2,400 mm to 9,600 x 3,000 x 2,400 mm (LxWxH) during processing. The cleaning process requires 9,800 x 3,000 x 3,000 mm (LxWxH). The unit has been designed paying special attention to safety and does not require a safety zone or protective guards that would require a great deal of space and disturb working and cleaning procedures. 

The K650 drying system from KRONEN is convincing thanks to its well thought-out, modern hygienic design

Simple, effective cleaning

The open and hygienic design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. The system can be cleaned particularly quickly due to two optional cleaning modes, which adjust the speed of the belts and the machine. The cleaning mode when changing products is set using a key-operated switch. In the cleaning mode following the end of a shift, the machine runs until it has been completely pre-cleaned with water and sprayed with a cleaning agent. The cleaning mode is then switched off and the K650 and/or the belts are cleaned. The belts are mobile and easy to remove.

The K650 drying system from KRONEN permits flexible program settings for different products and is easy to operate

Flexible settings for a perfect result

In operation, a differentiation has to be made between two users: production and service. They have different access data to prevent settings from being accidentally changed. To ensure processing efficiency and the quality of the end product, various parameters can be set – depending on the consistency, shape and size of the product. The programs can be entered, changed and saved very easily using a seven-inch touch panel. Important parameters include the spinning speed and duration, as well as a right-left run mode for large-leaved products. Some parameters are automated, including the speed of the infeed and discharge conveyors, to make the system clearly structured and easy to operate.


There are standard and optional drip trays available for the K650 drying system from KRONEN
Drip plates for water drainage

The infeed belt has two drip plates in the area above the buffer conveyor as standard. This prevents water from dripping onto the buffer conveyor. Another drip plate on the infeed belt and two drip plates for the buffer conveyor are also optionally available.

To regulate the quantity of product, the drying unit K850 / K650 can be equipped with a volume control function.
Volume control

To regulate the quantity of product that leaves the washing machine in an uneven manner, the drying unit can be equipped with a volume control function. It consists of a sensor mounted at the top end of the infeed belt. The function ensures that the product is transferred to the buffer conveyor in an even layer. As soon as the set product height has been reached, the buffer conveyor moves on a little further to load the next section. This allows the drum to be filled evenly and to as full an extent as possible. High performance and and optimal drying degree are achieved, and imbalance is prevented even at maximum spinning speed.

KRONEN SMART Factory, SMART Machines: In future, wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can check the production status of the machine or line on a laptop or mobile end device at any time
SMART Solutions for intelligent, networked production

KRONEN uses its SMART option to provide communication-enabled machines and processing lines. Wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can use these solutions to check the production status of a machine or line on their laptop or mobile device at any time. The collected data can be used to make production processes even more transparent and efficient, for example with regard to productivity, flexibility, quality and safety. Do you have special requirements? We can develop an individual, tailor-made solution for you.

SMART Solutions

up to 2,800 kg/h
Loading type

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 17 kW
Voltage 3~400 V N/P
Frequency 50 Hz
Air Working pressure 2 x 6 bar
Dimensions LxWxH 7500 x 4000 x 2400 mm up to 9600 x 3000 x 2400 mm (depending on the installation option)
Weight 1500 kg
Infeed/placement height 728 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 1000 mm
Miscellaneous kg per batch 40 / 28 kg (with / without volume control)
Spin speed max. 750 rpm
Spin time 5–30 sec.
Total cycle 30–65 sec.
Total volumes 90 l
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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