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Multicorer (4B/2B)

The Multicorer for the automated coring of large quantities of lettuce, cabbage and other products with a maximum diameter of 240 mm considerably reduces the personnel requirement in preparation.

up to 2,400 pieces/hMax. capacity
MULTICORER grid cutter for coring and cutting salad, cabbage, bell peppers

Your benefits

  • Automated coring and dividing enable large quantities to be processed
  • Reduced personnel requirement in the preparation of products 
  • Possibility to divide products in preparation for further processing steps
  • Simultaneous processing of different products possible

Product groups


Automated coring and dividing of large quantities of lettuce, cabbage or peppers

The Multicorer prepares products such as iceberg lettuce, frisée, endive, radicchio or red and white cabbage (generally round cabbage varieties), as well as peppers, for subsequent processing steps by coring and dividing them. 

Operation of the machine during processing is very simple: the product is placed onto the product holders with the stalk facing downwards by one person. The diameter of the processed products may not exceed 240 mm. The plates with the product holders move in the direction of the cutting unit at the set speed – with up to 20 cycles per minute. There, the products are cored and divided into two or four segments. The pieces of the product are transported further and discharged onto an optional discharge conveyor located at the end.  
All cutting cassettes can be changed quickly with no tools required. 
The cutting machine is available in two versions: the standard model has four lanes, but it is also available with two lanes. 

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Multicorer 4B for dividing and coring
Perfect cutting, dividing and coring of lettuce, cabbage and even peppers – watch the cutting process with the Multicorer 4B combined with an infeed belt, waste belt and outfeed belt in detail.


With the Multicorer, different products can be processed simultaneously

Process different products at the same time

As an option, each of the four or two lanes can be individually adjusted to suit a different product, so that up to four different products can be processed at the same time. 

There are different cutting cartridges available for different coring diameters

Can be adapted to process a multitude of products

The cutting process can be specifically adjusted to suit the product to be processed, enabling different stalk sizes in cabbage and various types of lettuce to be accommodated. The stalk is completely removed with the least possible waste.   

MULTICORER operating panel

Simple operation and low personnel requirements

Due to the simple operation and loading procedure, the Multicorer can be operated by one single person. This makes it possible to achieve significant increases in productivity and a reduction in the number of personnel required for preparation. 

The MULTICORER can be filled with product such as iceberg lettuce heads by one person.

Efficient processing with a high capacity

With just one person, large quantities can be processed efficiently in the Multicorer with a capacity of up to 2,400 pieces per hour. 


The product plates are matched to different diameters of the coring tube
Product plates coordinated to different cutting tube diameters

A selection of product plates coordinated to the different diameters of the cutting tube is available. This enables the Multicorer to deliver optimal cutting results for a wide range of different products. 

There are different cutting cartridges available for different coring diameters
Knife cassettes for various cutting diameters

The different knife cassettes enable processing with different cutter diameters (45 mm and 55 mm as standard). Depending on the respective application, knife cassettes with a stainless steel mandrel (for firmer products such as cabbage) or a plastic mandrel are used. All knife cassettes divide products into quarters but they can be easily and quickly converted to cut products in half by using tools.

The cartridge holders make safe and fast changeover possible
Cassette holders for a safe and quick change

These holders enable the safe removal, cleaning and storage of the knife cassette without using tools. The knife cassette prevents possible injuries as well as damage to the knives or the product plates when they are removed from the Multicorer.

The belt discharges the waste from the MULTICORER.
Fitted waste conveyor belt

A waste conveyor belt, optimally fitted into the waste chute of the KRONEN Multicorer, reliably transports the cut stalk out of the machine after it has been separated from the good product.  

Conveyor belt connected to the MULTICORER for transporting the divided products to the downstream machine.
Good product discharge belt

The discharge belt ensures the infeed of the divided product to the downstream machine, for example a belt cutting machine.

KRONEN accessories
Infeed belt for ergonomic loading

Ergonomic loading of the Multicorer with the raw material is enabled by means of the infeed belt mounted above the loading area. 

up to 2,400 pieces/h

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 7.2 kW
Voltage 400 V / 200 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Water Fresh water connection 32 l/min. at 2 bar (GK coupling)
Air Working pressure 6–7 bar
Air consumption 414 NL/min.
Dimensions LxWxH 3725 x 2670 x 2440 mm
Weight 1525 kg
Infeed/placement height 1020 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 660 mm
Miscellaneous Diameter of raw product max. 240 mm
Height of raw product max. 240 mm
Cycles per hour max. 1200
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

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