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TT450 top and tail machine

Ideal for use in automated lettuce processing with a low personnel requirement – the top and tail machine is designed for automatically cutting the stalk and leaf tips of frisée, endive and romaine lettuce

up to 3.600 kg/hMax. capacity
Top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN for ideal use in automatic salad preparation – high yield thanks to intelligent cutting technology with a processing capacity of up to 3600 kg per hour.

Your benefits

  • Perfect and consistent cutting quality at high processing speeds
  • High yield with minimal waste thanks to optimized cutting technology
  • Low personnel requirement: only 2 people are needed to operate the machine
  • Easy operation and cleaning thanks to good accessibility 

Product groups


Precise and consistent cutting quality with versatile processing options

The TT450 is designed for professional use in the preparation area of automated lettuce processing. The TT450 is a top and tail machine for automatically trimming the stalk and leaf tips of frisée, endive and romaine lettuce or all green lettuces with flat stalks. The TT450 allows a considerable increase in productivity by up to 110 % per person compared to manual processing, as well as an improved yield of up to 6 % more at the same time. 

The TT450 is equipped with an automatic waste sorting system, which can optionally be supplemented with additional discharge and waste belts.
The robust industrial design and the open construction with a removable cover and easily opened hinged doors enable quick and easy cleaning and thus optimal hygiene.

The machine is characterized by its intelligent operation, which is also very simple and safe:

  • The lettuces are transported to the cutting unit via a chain-based infeed belt and held in an optimal cutting position by gentle hold-down technology.
  • In the infeed area, an adjustable product guide plate, positioned at an angle to the cutting point, is installed to ensure that each product is cut to the same length on the stalk side. The product infeed speed is adjustable and can therefore be adapted to meet customer requirements. The position of the knives can be adjusted to optimally adjust the yield to suit different raw materials or requirements. The adjustment of the knife positions takes place via a manual crank and can be adjusted in a controlled manner via a scale.
  • The stalk and leaf tips (may be necessary in case of dry leaf tips or brown discoloration) are removed in one step, and the cutting lengths of the stalk (10–60 mm) and leaf tips (120–450 mm) are variably adjustable.
    Either both functions can be carried out together or only the coring procedure can be selected.
  • Waste chutes guide the waste onto a waste belt (optional) positioned horizontally underneath the machine as standard and return it to the intake area at the rear of the machine. The good product falls out of the product holders at the turning point of the product infeed and can be forwarded for further processing with an optionally available discharge belt. 
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Top and tail machine for cutting off salad tips and salad cores
Core and leaf tips are cut off automatically with the TT 450 top and tail machine. Perfectly suitable for all lettuce heads with a flat stem e.g. frisée, endive, romaine lettuce. More information here (
TT450: Tail cutting Romaine lettuce
We herewith show the TT 450 Top- & Tail cutting machine in action, cutting tails of Romaine lettuce (exactly 10 mm). The TT450 is perfectly suited for coring lettuce with flat stem (e.g. Frisee, Endive/Escaole, Romaine/Cos) Find more information here (


The top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN can reduce the manpower required for lettuce trimming and cut costs.

High productivity – minimal waste

The TT450 enables a considerable increase in productivity by up to 110 % per person compared to manual processing, as well as achieving an improved yield of up to 6 % at the same time. The TT450 impresses users with its high processing capacity of up to 30 heads of lettuce per minute and per person. 

The top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN has an ideal design for safe, fast operation and maintenance as well as optimum hygiene.

Optimal maintenance and cleaning 

The robust stainless steel construction makes the TT450 ideal for long, low-maintenance use.
The entire system, including the conveyor belt, is easily accessible for service work and cleaning. All covers are easy to open and a safety check is carried out: the machine stops when the covers are open. 

The top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN is easy to operate; the blade setting can be easily adjusted

Simple operation and easily adjustable knives 

The TT450 is easy and safe to operate with only two people and without interrupting operation.
The positioning of the top/tail blades based for different products or product characteristics to optimize the yield can be carried out quickly and effortlessly.


The top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN can be equipped with an integrated waste belt.
Conveyor belt for continuous waste discharge

The perfectly integrable waste conveyor ensures the continuous discharge of cut leaf tips and lettuce cores. 

With the conveyor belt for the top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN the heads of lettuce are feed gently and automatically to the cutting process.
Ergonomic infeed belt for continuous infeed of the raw material

The infeed belt with a lateral slope of 30° ensures a continuous feed of the lettuce for ergonomic placement on the infeed belt below for the cutting process. At the same time, the capacity can be considerably increased due to the fact that it can be operated by several people. The belt (length: 4,200 mm / width: 420 mm) can be removed without the use of tools and is therefore easy to clean. 

Top and tail machine TT 450 from KRONEN – mobile discharge belt for the gentle transport of the processed products for further product processing.
Mobile ascending conveyor belt for gentle discharge of processed lettuces

The practical discharge belt is equipped with mobile casters. The quickly released belt and fold-down side guides enable easy cleaning – without the use of tools. 

up to 3.600 kg/h

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

Electrical power Power 1.6 kW
Voltage 3–400 V N/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Dimensions LxWxH 4500 x 1305 x 1800 mm
Weight 810 kg
Infeed/placement height 965 mm
Outfeed/delivery height 415 mm
Miscellaneous Diameter of raw product max. 380 mm
Length of raw product max. 450 mm
Cutting thickness 10–60 mm
The data indicated are standard information. In addition, adaptation to other supply networks (e.g. 230V/60 Hz) is optionally possible (except for manual and pneumatic machines). Subject to changes.

Machine illustrations can include special accessories.