GEWA AF Prewashing machine


Prewashing on a large scale – optimal hygiene and reduced water consumption

The GEWA AF is a prewashing machine that uses the brand new “Active Flume” system developed by KRONEN. It has been specially designed to wash fragile, leafy products, submerge light, delicate products without mechanical stress and to absorb production peaks. Capacity is dependent on product. For example, 400-1500 kg baby leaf can be processed per hour, up to 3 t iceberg lettuce per hour and 1000 kg baby spinach per hour.

The water to product ratio is only 4 to 1 which is ideal for prewashing as cell sap, sand and soil can be removed effectively. The total water requirement for the standard GEWA AF is 1400 litres. This means the machine is particularly water efficient.

The GEWA AF is setting new standards in hygiene. For example, a „Clean In Place“ system was integrated to reduce water consumption when cleaning the GEWA AF.

The GEWA AF consists of six integrated modules:

  • Highly effective, product-friendly infeed chute
  • Easy to clean air section with integrated sand trap
  • Insect removal drum with extended contact surface
  • Dirt trap
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Fine particle drum

Due to its modular design the GEWA AF has flexible uses. Depending on product and requirements various modules can be added, replaced and duplicated, such as combining two air sections. The machine also exists in mirror format. As a prewashing machine a shorter version without the insect discharge drum is also available.

The GEWA AF is designed for line integration. It can be combined with the GEWA XL prewashing machine or with the K850 drying system.