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Processing line for lettuce and leafy vegetables

A networked, fully automated system for weighing, sorting, washing and drying salad leaves – e.g. baby leaf or mixed lettuce – and leafy vegetables: For maximum hygiene and efficiency, gentle processing and high product quality.

up to 2,000 kg/hMax. capacity
KRONEN processing line for salad and leaf vegetables up to 2 t/h: connected, fully automated line for weighing, sorting, washing and drying salad – e.g. baby leaf or mixed salad – as well as leafy vegetables
Flow Weigh Belt System by iWEIGH
Processing line: integrated dynamic weighing recipe system Flow Weigh Belt system from KRONEN’s partner, Synergy System, e.g. for salad, vegetables and fruit

The dynamic weighing recipe system from KRONEN’s partner iWEIGH ensures a controlled and even product flow by communicating with the weighing belt upstream of the pre-washing machine, as well as better planning of the raw material input in relation to the required output of the line.


Mechanical sorting system by HiTec Food Systems
KRONEN processing line for salad and leaf vegetables up to 2 t/h: connected, fully automated line for weighing, sorting, washing and drying salad – e.g. baby leaf or mixed salad – as well as leafy vegetables
PLUS inclined conveyor belt
The PLUS conveyor belt from KRONEN is optimized with regard to cleaning and hygiene and can be individually adapted

Please note: The photo shows the standard version of the PLUS inclined conveyor belt.

The PLUS conveyor belt is optimized in terms of cleaning and hygiene. It is available with a flexible design, for example with and without cleats and in different lengths, widths, heights and inclination angles. It ensures a continuous process and a higher level of automation in production.


Weighing belt by iWEIGH
KRONEN processing line for salad and leaf vegetables up to 2 t/h: connected, fully automated line for weighing, sorting, washing and drying salad – e.g. baby leaf or mixed salad – as well as leafy vegetables
GEWA AF with belt outfeed
Prewashing machine GEWA AF from KRONEN: prewash floating, particularly leafy products (salad and vegetables) without mechanical stress and absorb production peaks – up to 5 t/h

With the innovative “Active Flume” washing system, floating products are pre-washed without additional mechanical stress, and the product flow is standardized. The GEWA AF sets new hygiene standards and reduces water consumption. It is ideally combined with a GEWA XL or GEWA 5000 in a processing line.


GEWA XL with belt outfeed

The high-performance washing machine is used for the continuous pre-washing, washing, disinfection and treatment of lettuce, vegetables, herbs and fruit, among others. It sets new standards in terms of hygienic design and cleaning. The GEWA XL is positioned in the processing line upstream of a drying system such as the K850 and can be combined with a pre-washing machine such as the GEWA AF.


K850 drying system
K850 drying system from KRONEN: large-scale centrifuge plant for up to 5 t/h – for products including salad (salad mixes, lamb’s lettuce, iceberg, rucola etc.), herbs, spinach, cut vegetables (e.g. carrots and cabbage) as well as fruit and mushrooms

By means of a large-volume centrifuge with a diameter of 850 mm, the fully automatic, continuously operating unit is used to dry cut lettuce and whole leaves as well as cut fruit and vegetables. The system sets new standards in terms of hygiene.


Standard trolley weighing system with conveyor belt by iWEIGH
KRONEN processing line for salad and leaf vegetables up to 2 t/h: connected, fully automated line for weighing, sorting, washing and drying salad – e.g. baby leaf or mixed salad – as well as leafy vegetables

Your benefits

  • Fully automated –for maximum efficiency in production, high capacities and a low personnel requirement
  • SMART: continuous processing due to communication between the machines and visual displays for the operators.
  • Integrated high-quality, innovative washing and drying technology, including the GEWA AF, GEWA XL, K850
  • Sets new standards in hygiene for food production with maximum safety
  • Dynamic weighing and dispensing as well as mechanical and optical sorting with integrated solutions from iWEIGH and HiTec Food Systems
  • Designed for gentle processing and high product quality – especially for light, sensitive products

Product groups


Innovative and networked – intelligent and efficient weighing, washing, drying and sorting

The fully automated, networked processing line integrates innovative washing and drying technology from KRONEN with a dynamic weighing system from iWEIGH and mechanical and optical sorting solutions from HiTec Food Systems. All components of the line are networked. This ensures constant, low-interruption processing and low personnel requirements. At the same time, a cost-efficient process, high capacities and maximum quality in production are guaranteed. The innovative system sets new standards in terms of hygiene.

The following machines or solutions are integrated:

  1. Weighing in and conveying: Flow Weigh Belt System, a dynamic recipe weighing belt by iWEIGH
  2. Sorting:  Mechanical and visual sorting system by HiTec Food Systems
  3. Conveying and weighing: PLUS inclined conveyor belt and a weighing belt by iWEIGH, which communicates with the recipe weighing belt for an optimized product flow
  4. Pre-washing: GEWA AF “Active Flume” washing system with belt outfeed, including a water chute for gentle product intake, insect and fine particle removal with an extended contact surface and an air section with an integrated sand trap.
  5. Washing: GEWA XL HELICAL washing machine with belt outfeed, including a water chute for a gentle product intake, sand trap sedimentation unit and lateral fine particle removal drum
  6. Drying: K850 drying system  including water drainage with a flexible drip guard on the belts as well as advance dewatering and pivot point holding on the buffer belt 
  7. Further transport and weighing: Standard trolley weighing system by iWEIGH for continuous filling of standard containers up to 300 l

Application options and capacities:

The system is optimized for processing light, delicate, leafy products such as baby leaf lettuce as well as mixed salads, which are weighed in fully automatically. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard, radicchio, Chinese cabbage or kale can also be processed.

The capacity depends on the product. The line processes, for example:

  • Up to 1,000 kg/hour of baby leaf lettuce
  • Up to 2,000 kg/h of mixed salad (e.g. sweet leaf with 30 % carrot and cabbage)

For the processing of non-floating products, another GEWA washing machine can be integrated instead of the GEWA AF.

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High capacity salad and leafy vegetables processing line - teaser
The innovative processing line is technically state-of-the-art and sets new standards especially in the field of hygiene. The line is designed for large-scale industrial processing. It includes the GEWA XL and GEWA AF washing machines, the latest washing technology, and the K850 drying system, a system for gentle drying. In the line, these are combined with machines from KRONEN partners Synergy Systems, HiTec and Optimum.
Automated processing line for salad & leafy vegetables with high capacity & new washing technology
The innovative processing line processes up to 1,000 kg of baby leaf lettuce or the equivalent amount of mixed lettuce or leafy vegetables per hour. The highlights of this processing line include • the GEWA AF pre-washing machine, a new development by KRONEN; • the further developed GEWA XL helical washing machine; and • the K850 drying system, a further development of KRONEN’s K650 model.


KRONEN SMART Factory, SMART Machines: In future, wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can check the production status of the machine or line on a laptop or mobile end device at any time

SMART Solutions for intelligent, networked production

With the SMART option, KRONEN makes communication-enabled machines and processing lines possible. Wherever production managers, technicians or foremen might be, they can check the production status of the machine or line on their laptop or mobile device at any time. The collected data can be used to make production processes even more transparent and efficient, for example in terms of productivity, flexibility, quality and safety. Do you have any special requirements? We can develop an individual, made-to-measure solution for you.

SMART Solutions

KRONEN supplies automatic and semi-automatic processing lines – for different capacities and a continual, effective processing process

Continuous and gentle processing of high capacities

The production line handles lettuce and leafy vegetables in a continuous process and therefore requires only a small number of personnel. The communication between the SMART-version machines and the visual displays for the machine operators facilitates a reliable, constant and uninterrupted production flow. This in turn ensures high processing capacities and maximum efficiency and quality in production.

Cutting machines, washing machines and drying system from KRONEN are optimized for use in processing lines

Automatic, hygienic and flexible processing

The KRONEN cutting, washing and drying machines are also designed for frequent product or recipe changes during a production shift. The belt cutting machines guarantee quick knife replacement. The washing machines fully empty in a very short time. The drums of the large centrifuges are blown dry during emptying. The hygienic design of the KRONEN machines allows all areas to be easily accessed and makes the machines easy to clean. User-friendly operation and the safety of operating personnel are guaranteed.

KRONEN offers a high degree of consultation and planning expertise and develops customized solutions for a wide range of different applications – complete processing lines from a single source

Complete solutions from a single source

KRONEN is a reliable partner, even when it comes to implementing automated processing lines. With a high level of planning and consulting expertise, the company implements the right solution for every customer requirement. KRONEN offers complete lines from a single source and integrates suitable machines from partners as required. 

Made-to-measure solutions

up to 2,000 kg/h
Wet disinfection
Loading type

The capacity depends on factors such as the product.

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