Washing machine GEWA 3800V PLUS with vibration outfeed

GEWA 3800V PLUS mit Insektenaustrag schräglinks


Washing cucumbers, carrots, peppers and salad with GEWA 3800V PLUS

The GEWA 3800V PLUS washes various types of products gently and thoroughly. It is suitable for washing of e.g. whole cucumbers or carrots, sliced peppers, cut cabbage or delicate salad. Thanks to various possible configurations many different products can be washed, for example also different kinds of fruit.

GEWA3800V: tomato, cucumber and pepper washing with air system

Tomatoes - cucumbers - peppers: efficient and gentle washing with the GEWA 3800 V ECO washing machine equipped with air bubble system.

GEWA3800VPLUS broccoli washing

Washing broccoli - gently and thouroughly - wi´th the vegetable washing machine GEWA 3800 V PLUS.

Rhubarb washing with GEWA 3800 V PLUS

Professionnal and gentle washing of whole rhubarb with GEWA 3800V PLUS.