The mixer K230 mixes smoothly and rapidly raw vegetables, crunchy lettuces, aromatic herbs or delicatessen products for the production of sausages and hamburgers as well as other ingredients for pizzas.

The useable volume, depending on the product, varies between 50% and 70%. Mixing time, also depending on the product and the degree of mixture required, is for leafy salads between 30 sec and 1 min. The total cycle from filling, mixing and discharging takes approx. 2 min to 3 min.

By means of an optionally available hydraulic appliance, a standard trolley can be locked into a device for the automatic filling of the container into the mixer.


  • Gentle and homogeneous mixing
    Gentle and homogeneous mixing
    The mixings system with two shafts and intersecting paddles guarantees a gentle treatment of the product and a homogeneous mixing.