Drying system K850

K850 drying system

Fully automated system for dewatering lettuce, cut fruit and vegetables with a capacity of up to 5 t/h

The K850 drying system is a further development of KRONEN´s K650 drying system. Here particular attention was paid to the drive and the hygienic design. This resulted in new features such as increased capacity, shortened cycle times or an additional spray system.

Despite the size of the machine the infeed height of the K850 is set low deliberately. This means the length of the buffer belt is shorter and therefore saves a considerable amount of space in set-up area of the large-scale unit.

This fully automated system for dewatering cut vegetables, fruit and lettuce including whole leaf continually processes large quantities on an industrial scale. The system consists of a feed buffer belt, centrifuge, discharge belt and an external control unit. The parameters in the programs have been largely automated so that settings are clear and the system is easy to use.

The K850 has been designed to be incorporated into the high-capacity lettuce and vegetable processing lines. It can be combined ideally with the GEWA XL and GEWA AF washing machines or the GEWA 5000.

The drying system shown contains optional equipment.